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When preparing to decorate, the owners who make their own furniture often wander between the finger board and the ecological board. Which is the best choice? When comparing the finger board with the ecological board, the finger board is better in terms of environmental protection.

when preparing to decorate, the owners who make their own furniture often wander between the finger board and the ecological board. Which one is better? Compared with the ecological board, the finger board is better in terms of environmental protection, because there are less two layers of plywood outside, which is equivalent to less use of glue. However, the firmness of the wardrobe is better than the ecological board, because the larger wardrobe is not easy to deform, and the finger board is particularly easy to deform. The following Millennium boat plate editor briefly introduces the processing technology, as well as the comparison of advantages and disadvantages:

first, what is the connecting plate? What is ecological board

before understanding the advantages and disadvantages and processing technology of finger board and ecological board, let's learn what is finger board? What is ecological board

1. Finger board: it is formed by splicing multiple boards, and the upper and lower parts are no longer glued and pressed. Because the vertical boards adopt sawtooth interfaces, which is similar to the cross docking of two fingers, it is called finger board

2. There are many names for ecological board in the industry, and the common names are paint free board and melamine board. At first, it was called melamine board, and its full name was melamine impregnated plastic film paper veneered wood-based board. However, due to China's dairy product pollution incident, it was later forced to change its name. It was collectively referred to as paint free board in the industry, and it was also called ecological board. Eco board is more environmentally friendly than the melamine paint free board of traditional particleboard and density board, and has the characteristics of no paint, dirt resistance, wear resistance, fire prevention and moisture resistance. It is mainly used to make furniture and is now an ideal environmental protection board

second, the advantages of finger board and ecological board:

2.1. Finger board: Although the processing method of finger board and blockboard is somewhat similar, it does not need to stick the middle plywood up and down, so it uses much less glue than blockboard, which is one of the reasons why it is widely spread. In addition to the advantages of environmental protection, the finger board has many other advantages. For example, its surface can be directly painted with clear water paint, and the effect of paint sealing is relatively environmental friendly; In addition, in terms of price, the finger board is very affordable; Moreover, the finger joint plate is made of solid wood, so it has a natural texture

2.2. Ecological board: the shape of the ecological board is exquisite, and the color is coordinated. Its surface can artificially imitate various trees. Although there is no natural flavor, the lifelike texture and color can still bring people a natural and simple feeling. In addition, the performance of ecological board is relatively good in all aspects, such as corrosion resistance, and general solvents such as acid, alkali and alcohol are ineffective for ecological board; For example, fire resistance, ecological board has the function of self extinguishing from fire, and so on. In addition, the eco board can be installed directly without painting and other steps, which is convenient and fast, and also avoids paint pollution

III. disadvantages of finger joint board and ecological board:

3.1 finger joint board: Although finger joint board is solid wood material, the furniture made with it is not real solid wood furniture. And because pine and cypress are generally used to make finger boards, these woods have large water content, so they are easy to deform

3.2. Ecological board: for ecological boards with poor quality, the formaldehyde content may far exceed the standard, affecting health. Therefore, consumers are required to choose large brands with guaranteed quality to buy ecological boards. In addition, although the ecological board is easy to install, it also needs small wings, because once the surface of the ecological board is damaged, it is permanent damage and difficult to repair

IV. processing technology of finger joint board and ecological board:

4.1 finger joint board: finger joint board is a board formed by splicing multiple boards. Because the vertical boards of this board adopt serrated interfaces, which is very similar to the cross docking of two fingers, there is a saying of finger joint board. In the manufacturing process, the finger joint plate is also divided into two types: exposed teeth and concealed teeth. The concealed teeth are the best, because the exposed teeth are prone to uneven phenomenon after painting. Of course, the processing of concealed teeth is more difficult. As for the choice of wood for making finger board, the harder the wood, the better, because its deformation is much smaller and the pattern will be more beautiful

4.2 ecological board: ecological board is also called melamine board, which is a decorative board made of paper with different colors or textures soaked in ecological board resin adhesive, then dried to a certain degree of curing, paved on the surface of particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, blockboard or other hard fiberboard, and hot pressed Recommended ecological board for furniture:

ecological board is an ideal furniture board at present. Its core is solid wood Blockboard and plywood, and it uses high-cost environmental friendly adhesive. Its environmental protection grade can reach European E0 grade, which is better than E1 grade. Although traditional particleboard and density board have the same characteristics as ecological board, such as paint free, dirt resistant, wear-resistant and fire-proof, ecological board has low requirements for processing equipment, which is suitable for on-site construction and can also meet people's needs for rapid decoration. Due to the lack of industry standards and specifications, it is recommended to choose brand boards, such as the Millennium boat ecological board of the top ten brands of the board, which adopts high-grade green environmental protection glue, and uses E0 grade environmental protection plywood or Blockboard paving substrate processing. The apparent quality, processing accuracy and physical and mechanical properties all meet the requirements of national standards. The advanced production technology and excellent product quality make the products sell well all over the country and are deeply favored by users. It is widely used in wardrobe, multi-function cabinet, closet, cabinet, shoe cabinet, bookshelf, dressing table, dining table, home decoration, panel furniture, cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and other fields




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