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The paradox of Zeno, an ancient Greek philosopher, expounds the relativity of stillness and the absoluteness of motion. When this theory is used in a rapidly changing market, it is not difficult to see that stability is relative and change is absolute. For example, some large cabinet enterprises believe that the current environment for the development of cabinet enterprises is not stable, and there is still a long way to go to achieve stable development. The unstable factors are summarized as follows:

first, the instability of production

it is mainly reflected in the instability of raw material supply and the uncertainty of market demand for customization and batch change. The unstable and non detailed policies of the government bring many uncertain factors to enterprises and bring fluctuations to their production, which is not conducive to the budget and control of costs

second, the instability of competitors in the market

compared with the same period last year, it fluctuated greatly. Relevant studies have pointed out that there are three main ways for the new round of industrial transfer: first, transfer from the eastern coastal areas to less developed areas; The second is to transfer to the places along the Beijing Guangzhou line with obvious regional advantages in the central region; The third is to transfer to Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an and other key cities in the western region with strong industrial supporting capacity, rich human resources and strong radiation capacity

cabinet enterprises have also joined the flood of transfer. Many cabinet enterprises have migrated to the mainland, bringing the same process level and management mode, but taking advantage of the relatively cheap rent and relatively rich raw materials, they have gained strong competitiveness, which has brought great pressure to the local cabinet enterprises, but also injected fresh blood into the local market

third, human resources are unstable

with the further promotion of the western development, many enterprises in the West are also becoming more and more mature, and rich human resources are their natural advantages. Whether it is management, technical workers, general workers, if you can find a job at home, you don't need to leave home to find a job in the coastal areas. Therefore, it is not only difficult to recruit workers, but also the loss of human resources is serious

make progress in stability, while instability also requires progress




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