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I always remember the sunshine falling into the forest, the light of a line, the small dust floating in the sun, like a luminous treasure, dotted with this monotonous morning, the freshness of the soil came this time, flowing in the long river of years

nature is in the story, telling its mystery. Listen carefully, and feel its slight breathing sound. Born and raised here, the beauty of this time floats across the river, flows into the sea, and reaches the other side of the ocean

inspired by nature, there are eight color themes, and the combination between them celebrates the most beautiful moment of the day: the morning sun with magic, sprinkles a lively yellow tone; The dewdrop theme is soft and delicate, reflecting the dawn of Pearl and beige; The blooming flowers exude a tension of color combinations, and the violet color with a little dark purple tone shows nobility; The warm and luminous silver (daydream) enriches the dreamlike reverie of noon; The sparkling water theme color highlights the strong contrast between light yellow and sky blue; As night falls, the contrasting shades of gray and black and white bring a cautious sense of mystery; As the sun sets, moss and grass green stain the afterglow of the sunset, creating the most inspiring idyllic hue of the day; In the night light, the rustic copper and brown accompany us to bid farewell to this beautiful day with a relaxed and strange scene

using notes like music melody, we can push through the old and bring forth the new on the basis of traditional classicism, or embroider texture paste on silk cotton soft fiber in color, or dot, line, surface, body, giving Oriental style both modern fashion and natural classicism. The rich Damascus Sifang continuous series patterns give up the luxury and royal orthodoxy of Louis XVI, creating the oriental charm sublimated by Chinese and Western design

in the European and American Dictionary Thesaurus, in the fashion industry, only two words are most commonly used to express a nostalgic feeling. One is vintage. When fashion people need to express, they usually don't say that this is retro, this is nostalgic, but directly say that you are "vintage". Another patina, known as Miss patina, is the leader of British retro fashion brands and has a large number of loyal fans of fashion talents. The designer of York said that only using these two words is the best expression of my design style of this series of wallpapers

the concept of sustainable management has been fully integrated into the design works and actual products of back to nature/language of nature. The design idea is mainly derived from the four spirits of nature - wood, stone tools, fabrics and metals; Their traces leave real time footprints, uneven but solid, which are clearly visible in the materials used by you. The design color is the primary color system of raw materials seen by the public. The raw materials are purchased from the FSC Forest Management Committee and self-made various fiber materials

aesthetics knows no borders. Beautiful things can always be precipitated over time. Even different nations and cultures cannot stop the transmission of beauty and flow quietly in this beautiful world





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