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Mag's whole house customized new product is the first, and the modern simple Steve series is online! What is the difference between him and the original Socrates, Peter Walker and musk series

more free than luxury, more exquisite than ordinary

modern simple series simplifies the design elements, colors, lighting and raw materials to the extreme, but pursues the best texture in colors and materials to achieve the best design effect and the deepest design connotation

recently, a new member, Steve series, has been added to our Margo modern simplicity Series in a low-key way

what is the difference between him and the original Socrates, Peter Walker and musk series

let's take a look at its resume

new product resume



Steve is a practitioner of minimalism, and marg's [Steve series] not only gives full play to the pure and simple design, but also integrates this spirit into life


Steve is a gentleman who is simple in everything, and also a capable person from one cabinet to the top


① imported with original packaging, environmental protection and durability

imported with original packaging from Italy, supreme quality assurance

22mm ultra thick plate, strong stability, not easy to deform

② warm wood grain, classic and versatile

four super dumb wood grain colors, warm and versatile

synchronous wood grain edging, making every side beautiful

③ technology + art, classic design

2.75m, one door to the top, full-size comfort.Unfolding and closing

super high door panel design, Simple and luxurious

④ 2 handle free door panels, fashionable and avant-garde

handle free design, molding and edge banding after innovation

j-shaped and U-shaped door panels, fashionable and avant-garde

in fact, on June 13, Steve's new products have been fully opened to terminals. Now our MAG national specialty stores are basically on small samples. Ma fans can experience them in our stores

let's take a look at Steve's presentation effect

the bookcase in the study adopts the embedded form, and the cabinet adopts the semi open and semi closed form to increase the sense of permeability. The wood grain of the cabinet door panel is suffused with soft tones under the warm light

independent cloakrooms are mostly clothes hanging areas, and the cabinet door with aluminum frame and glass door makes the whole wardrobe more permeable. Exquisite details and meticulous workmanship present the design temperament of the work in a low-key way

the multiple collocation of metal, fabric and wood makes the space more personalized. The wardrobe door has elegant texture and style, simplified lines, perfect details, and pays attention to fashion and practicality

the kitchen cabinet in the restaurant adopts the closed method of combining glass and door panel, which not only meets the storage, but also increases the sense of hierarchy of the cabinet. The center of the sideboard cabinet is hollowed out, which can be used as a daily console

the children's room is elegant and soothing, with a low-key hazy feeling and a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which inevitably makes people warm. The flat cabinet door without handle reduces the risk of children's collision

the above is our Steve's resume performance. Dear friends, are you moved by it

if you want to see the effect on the spot, you can come to mag's national franchise store





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