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In September of the golden autumn, the Meisheng wooden door family welcomed a new family member. The building decoration on the 11th floor of Jinke 500 near the west city courtyard of Baguo City, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, officially confirmed to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Meisheng wooden door after a long-term investigation and selection

Chongqing Jianpin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, has the third-class qualification issued by Chongqing Construction Commission. It is a construction and design enterprise specializing in tooling and home decoration. After 12 years of development, the company now has 1500 square meters of office space, including 800 square meters of large-scale main material exhibition hall. On September 15, 2017, located on the whole floor of the 11th floor of Jinke 500 room next to the west city courtyard of Baguo City, Jiulongpo District, the building decoration and re decoration opening ceremony will be held. At that time, there will be rich opening activities and benefits to give back to the majority of consumers

quality of life, beauty rises from the heart. Meisheng wooden door focuses on wooden doors for more than 20 years, and has provided home services for tens of millions of families. This time, it is designed to provide more consumers with high-quality environmental protection home wooden doors and provide a healthy and environmental protection home concept





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