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Compared with new buildings, the price of second-hand houses is not low, but there are still many people willing to choose second-hand houses. I have bought second-hand houses with many friends, and there are still many problems involved in the decoration. Here I just

compared with new buildings, the price of second-hand houses is not low, but there are still many people willing to choose second-hand houses. I have bought second-hand houses with many friends, and there are still many problems involved in the decoration. Here, I will talk about the decoration of second-hand houses in three stages: before decoration, during decoration and after decoration

buying a second-hand house probably goes through a psychological process, that is, the original appearance of the old house devastated by life will capture a person's pride and pride coldly. My transformation of this old house has the kind of flattery and flattery in secret love. I thoroughly accept all his characteristics, and then willingly enter his world

speak human words! How did the former homeowner make the house so low? I want to make it tall

these steps are essential before decoration and construction


except for the second-hand blank houses that are unoccupied, generally, the second-hand houses have been lived for a long time, and there will be many cleaning dead corners in the interior decoration, which can't be cleaned at all. If you don't want to dismantle and reassemble all of them, you'd better spray disinfectant on these places once. Of course, it can't be 84, and you need to use AQ from Hong Kong

concealed works inspection

“ Concealed works ” Check. The so-called concealed works are the lines and pipelines in the house

I would like to remind you that we must invite professional electricians to carry out on-site maintenance, which is a major event and must not be ignored! The main inspection items are drainage pipelines, strong and weak current lines, circuit distribution, etc. if there are problems in the inspection, replace them directly and rearrange the wiring

wall structure inspection

the best way to inspect the wall is to inspect it in rainy days. You can observe the wall in an all-round way in rainy days, mainly to check whether the wall surface is wet. If such a situation occurs, the inner wall is likely to have cracks, so the built-in line also has potential safety hazards

inspection of doors and windows

first, check whether the materials of doors and windows are aging, and then check whether there are cracks around doors and windows and at the joints of walls. If there are problems, directly remove them and redo them. Don't hesitate

it should also be noted that many second-hand houses will be equipped with stainless steel clothes hangers outside the balcony, and even stainless steel flower racks. This must be carefully checked to see whether the fixation is firm and whether there is aging, because it involves the life safety of others, so we must pay attention to it. If it is not firm and aging, we would rather remove it

floor inspection

the service life of wood floors will not be too short. If the former owner is not too troubled, there will generally be no problems. Moreover, the old wood boards are also relatively environmentally friendly and can be replaced. Even if there is some damage to the floor, you only need to compare the color difference and repair a few pieces, and you don't have to spend a lot of time changing all of them. This not only saves the amount of work, but also saves a lot of decoration costs

? When decorating, these places must take more trouble


although it is a second-hand house, the decoration budget should also be well designed. Every part of water and electricity, electrical appliances, materials and labor costs should be planned well, and nothing should be decided temporarily. In that case, it is impossible to do decoration

structural design

in addition to the design style of the foundation of the old house, you can also adjust the style according to your preference. This kind of transformation often involves the demolition of the house structure. Before that, it is recommended that you ask the property management about the relevant wall structure, distinguish where the load-bearing wall is, and know which walls cannot be removed

pipeline renovation

generally, the service life of second-hand houses is relatively long, and most of the pipelines have a certain degree of corrosion and aging. If it is found that the old galvanized pipes are used in the inspection, I suggest that copper pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes should be replaced if conditions permit, because the corrosion resistance of these products will be much better than that of galvanized materials. Here, uncle recommends PP-R pipes, which are cheaper and more durable than the former

circuit transformation

there is a common problem in the circuit of second-hand houses: simple circuit layout, aging wires, and poor line material. These traditional lines can no longer meet the needs of modern families, so they should also be completely transformed when decorating. I have also made a special introduction to how to arrange the cables and how to distribute the sockets before. You can go to see my previous sharing

wall and ceiling

wall and ceiling are also a big problem, especially the ceiling is easy to be ignored. Before the maintenance, if the wall surface has obvious wrinkles, incompleteness, yarn surface and other conditions, the wall surface must be renovated. The main process of renovation is relatively simple: the first step is to remove the dirt on the bottom layer, then repair it with cement slurry, and finally reinforce it with a layer of primer, which is not only beautiful but also moisture-proof

door lock

the door lock left after the disposal of the second-hand house must not be left. First, in order to prevent the original house, the key is mainly reserved. Second, the internal structure of the old lock is simple and the security is not high. Uncle suggested that at least all the main door locks should be renewed


the original homeowner will more or less leave some furniture. Some usable furniture can be used as waste. For example, traditional shelves can be repainted as storage shelves, and it is a good choice to put books and interior decorations

? After decoration, you should pay attention to what you should pay attention to

the main problem after decoration is acceptance. Of course, there are some small details. Let's look at the matters needing attention:

waterproof engineering

waterproof acceptance can be done in the traditional way — Water injection experiment:

the first step is to determine which areas are waterproof

the second step is to inject water in the waterproof area. Generally, the water injection is about 12 cm, and mark it

step 3: check whether there is water seepage 24 hours after water injection

if there is little difference between the inspection results and the marks, the waterproof works are qualified

line engineering

the inspection of the line is mainly to check whether the line is unblocked, and the indoor lighting test can be turned on at the same time

next, pay attention to the following matters:

whether the wiring is firm

whether there is a connector on the TV cable. If there is a connector, it must be replaced, or use a splitter at the connector

whether the position of the switch box is reasonable

whether the material of the line conduit is consistent with the material you choose

wall and ceiling

· The wall and ceiling are nothing more than the acceptance of the work results of the decoration master; Mainly check the following aspects:

· Check whether the putty on the surface is dry. If it is not completely dry, cracks may appear

· Check whether there are small cracks on the wall surface, and repair them in time if necessary, otherwise the wall surface will be easily damp

· Check whether the wall is smooth or wrinkled

other details

in addition to water and electricity, pipelines and other major aspects, some small details are also very important:

· Whether the gap size of ceramic tile or floor laying is uniform and whether there is obvious deviation

· Whether the socket box is installed correctly

· Check whether the interface between the door and the door frame is jointed

· ? Check whether the material of the window is consistent with the one you choose. Secondly, check whether the window is installed tightly. The simple way is to pour a glass of water at the end of the window to see whether the leakage is uniform

there are still some differences between the steps of decorating a house in a second-hand house and the steps of decorating a house in a rough house. In the law of decoration, application is more important than everything. Don't tie yourself to a boring decoration list. It's basically no problem to follow the general steps like this




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