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Children are always the heart of parents. When a child is born, parents must want to help their children decorate their bedrooms, so that the babies can grow up happily, healthily and comfortably. Therefore, the decoration of children's rooms must not be careless. Today, let's talk about some Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of children's rooms from the perspective of Feng Shui. Parents should pay attention

the decoration layout of the children's room can start with the doors and windows, the main colors, and the placement of beds and desks:

pay attention to that the beds should not be close to the door; The door is an entrance and exit, and people move frequently, which affects rest and sleep and is not conducive to physical growth. Moreover, children are just growing up carefree, and a large amount of external information is pouring in, which will have a certain impact on children's thoughts. At the same time, the bed cannot be set under the beam. The top of the beam will give people a heavy sense of pressure, especially for children, who are prone to nightmares and hinder their spirit

in the color selection of children's room, we should avoid using heavy colors:

such as bright red, purple, pure black, etc., so as not to stimulate children's vision, we should choose warm and light colors. Colors can also be selected according to the child's innate five elements. Those who like wood should use green, those who like fire should use light red, those who like earth should use yellow, those who like gold should use white or gold, and those who like water should use blue. In the selection of lamps and lanterns, soft light should be selected to prevent light pollution caused by too strong light

there are many taboos on the placement of beds and desks:

if the bed is not arranged under the beam or balcony, if the house is multi-storey, the bed should not be placed above and below the God cabinet, bathroom, kitchen stove, which will affect the growth of children. Try not to place bookshelves and stacked items in front of the desk, and do not place stereo, which will affect the children's concentration. In addition to moderate light, it should not be too strong, and try to avoid the water tower Lu Chong and Xiang Chong, desks and seats should not be in front of or behind the toilet, nor back to the French window of the balcony

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Feng Shui. We should rather believe its existence than its absence. Of course, it is not as magical as some Feng Shui techniques in fairy tales, but in fact, Feng Shui does exist. It takes time to test the layout. So, what color is good for the door curtain in toilet Feng Shui

the bathroom is the place where dirt is hidden in the home. Feng Shui requires that its dirty gas should not flow indoors. If the door curtain is used to block in the bathroom, it is generally the door curtain with darker color. Moreover, because the bathroom uses a lot of water and moisture, the quality of the door curtain purchased must be good, and the size must be moderate, not too large or too small. The bathroom commonly connected with the living room or aisle at home usually adopts a crystal curtain, which is mainly made of beads, which can attract money and ward off evil spirits. It can not only dissolve the rush of filth, but also decorate the home, which is practical and beautiful

in other parts of the home, if you want to hang Feng Shui door curtains, you are also very particular about the color. If residents want to seek official fortune, they can choose the blue curtain and hang it in the male master's study, or the area where applicants for promotion often walk. At the same time, the blue curtain gives people a fresh feeling and makes people feel comfortable

the green department is suitable for those who are studying, taking exams or hoping to work smoothly. It is also commonly used in nursery and study. The green curtain can calm the mind, calm the mood, improve the quality of reading and relieve eye fatigue, which is conducive to human health, and can increase the sense of safety and stability

the red curtain is conducive to good luck, popularity and love. It is suitable for single men and women or people who need to increase popularity. The red curtain is very festive and a symbol of vitality and spirit. And the golden yellow system helps to improve the fortune of wealth and favoritism, which is suitable for people who want to ask for wealth and favoritism. At the same time, the yellow and golden yellow systems are glittering and shining, and have the power to inspire people to be positive and upward

purple represents emotional and financial luck. Purple was a color used by emperors in ancient China, with high positive energy and noble atmosphere. In Western chromatics, purple helps to improve EQ, increase creativity, and has a romantic, noble and mysterious atmosphere. It also helps to enhance people's judgment and artistic sense

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