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Enthusiastic public welfare Cherry Blossom paint co founded a charity fund with the local chamber of Commerce

enthusiastic public welfare Cherry Blossom paint co founded a charity fund with the local chamber of Commerce

July 23, 2012

[China paint information] recently, cherry blossom paint co founded the "Dianshanhu town chamber of Commerce charity fund" with the chamber of Commerce as the standing director of the Dianshanhu town chamber of commerce where the enterprise is located. The foundation aims to promote the spirit of charity in the whole society, give back to the society with our meagre efforts, and take on more responsibilities as a fixture Society for the application of special samples (products and semi-finished products) to help vulnerable groups and promote social harmony and progress

the source of this fund is mainly donations from members of the chamber of Commerce. The recipients of assistance are: 1. Local residents; 2. Those who belong to the minimum living allowance, marginal minimum living allowance, extremely poor workers, five guarantees households, or family members whose family income is less than two times the minimum living allowance standard, as well as those who are entitled to preferential treatment or disabled; 3. Those who do not fall under the above circumstances, but have encountered special difficulties and have been unanimously agreed by the fund's assistance evaluation team. In the chamber of Commerce, a full-time office of the charity foundation has been set up, a strict management system and articles of association have been formulated, and all founders and higher-level charity organizations have been subject to supervision. As one of the founders, Sakura paint will undertake more obligations

since its establishment 20 years ago, cherry blossom paint has always adhered to the concept of "being a sensible and respected enterprise", and made great efforts to warm the society through a series of selfless contributions and create a good social environment. As a sensible enterprise, Sakura paint has realized that while making profits, the enterprise should pay more attention to creating a respected, conscience and moral brand image, and convert the social advantages of the enterprise into competitive advantages, so as to win the trust and praise of consumers by taking on the social behavior, so as to add points to the brand value of Sakura, which is the professional production of Jinan new period Testing Instrument Co., Ltd, Make the enterprise get long-term sustainable development. For more than 20 years, as long as we heard about the disaster in any region of the country, or social charity activities such as the hope project and special assistance, cherry blossom paint has made generous donations and made a modest contribution with its own charity

no size, the key is action. Cherry Blossom paint will take the establishment of the charity foundation as an opportunity to take the selfless and fearless spirit of "iron shoulder raises morality" to undertake more and larger society from the aspects of economy, culture, education, environment and so on, and spare no effort to make more humanized contributions to the equipment to promote the civilized, harmonious and healthy development of human society! Powerful and accurate data processing

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