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Committed to the factory waste discharge scheme, Jiangsu Xutian is waiting for you at the all printing exhibition. Release date: Source: China good packaging. After the China International Paper Exhibition at the end of September, relevant personnel of Jiangsu Xutian environmental protection machinery Co., Ltd. rushed to Shanghai to participate in the 2020 China International all printing exhibition held from October 12 to October 16. Xutian company can provide ideal waste cleaning system for printing enterprises. People in the industry are welcome to visit its booth (n3a109) for detailed consultation

From September 23 to September 25, Xutian company participated in the 2020 China International Paper Technology Exhibition held in Suzhou International Expo Center for the first time. The exhibition is a concentrated appearance of the paper industry, providing a communication platform for the upstream and downstream of the industry, and bringing together many well-known paper equipment, paper chemicals and paper-making related enterprises

during the three-day exhibition, customers continued to visit the booth of Xutian company to ask its technicians how to select the waste paper packer and how to solve the problems encountered in daily use. As a leading enterprise in the field of waste paper packer manufacturing, Xutian company, with its professional knowledge and perfect alternative solutions, has satisfied the customers who came to consult

under the special background of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, Xutian company seized the opportunity of the times and cooperated with international well-known papermaking enterprises to provide five medium and large-scale full-automatic/semi-automatic packers to effectively solve the waste discharge problem of its factory

see you at the full printing exhibition

after the paper industry related exhibition in September, Xutian company participated in the large-scale printing industry exhibition 202.1.4 embossing: using a durometer indenter 20 China International full printing exhibition in October. The exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with nearly 700 well-known exhibitors at home and abroad. The exhibition area is nearly 100000 square meters, and it is expected to attract more than 100000 visitors

for a long time, Xutian has won the trust and universal praise of users at home and around the world with its first-class technology, reliable quality and perfect after-sales service. At this all printing exhibition, Xutian company will welcome you at booth n3a10, share a complete set of waste discharge system with you, and make modest contributions to the development of the printing industry

it is understood that Xutian company has provided a reasonable and efficient design scheme for the waste paper discharge system in the printing industry, which operates stably, reduces dust pollution, and significantly improves the efficiency of waste paper recycling and packaging. It solves the problem that the waste discharge of the equipment in the printing industry, such as the glue binding connecting line, the riding binding connecting line, the glue wrapping machine, the necking machine, etc., is easy to cooperate with the electrical control

after the waste exhaust fan sucks the shredded paper edges, paper strips and paper scraps into the fan, they are transported to the cyclone separator through the pipeline. The falling frequency of the shredded paper after the separation of paper and gas can also be freely set into the packer. The dusty air flow enters the bag type or pulse type dust collector, and the net gas is discharged into the indoor or outdoor use of domestic instruments should be encouraged according to the actual needs. The dust is compressed into blocks by a professionally designed cake beater, which is convenient for accumulation and transportation. The dust removal efficiency of the complete system can reach 99%. It is an ideal waste removal system in the printing industry

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