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Pay attention to whether Chinese painters can be listed in the top ten crisis occupations

among the top ten crisis occupations counted by various companies, investors, stuntmen and traffic police are often listed. Of course, these occupations do have a lot of crisis, but what the author wants to say is that there is another occupation with great danger that has been ignored by everyone, that is, painters, so they are Chinese painters

although there are many problems in the quality of water-based paint products, and oil-based paint also has various volatile toxic substances, these products are still widely used in many downstream areas of the paint market. Because they are the coating of wood furniture, most production and processing enterprises still use oil-based paint as the main material for the maintenance and decoration of wood furniture. This is mainly because painters have a mature grasp of the traditional oil-based paint coating technology, After coating, the coating film is hard and colorful. Compared with high-end water-based coatings with the same effect, the cost is lower. As a painter who has been exposed to this kind of work for a short distance and a long time, few users require widening, which will undoubtedly cause great harm to the body

experiments have proved that there are many toxic substances such as formaldehyde, xylene and lead in the oily coatings, and the release period is as long as 3 ~ 15 years. Among them, the harm of formaldehyde to human body is long-term, latent and hidden. Long-term inhalation of formaldehyde can cause serious diseases such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma and laryngeal cancer. After benzene and its analogues are inhaled by human body, central nervous system anesthesia may occur; It can inhibit human hematopoietic function, reduce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, and increase the incidence of aplastic anemia; It can also lead to abnormal menstruation of women and congenital defects of the fetus

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