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Committed to the innovation of intelligent fuel, Guangyuan co creation has won three more invention patents

recently, good news came from the State Intellectual Property Office. Three patent achievements, namely, "coal sample transfer system", starting high-pressure "intelligent locking sample storage tank" and "a sample packaging storage tank suitable for pneumatic pipeline", independently developed by Guangyuan co creation Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangyuan co creation"), have won national authorized invention patents

as a well-known domestic provider of intelligent overall solutions for fuel, Guangyuan Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D, implementation and service of intelligent fuel management system for thermal power enterprises. It is a recognized national high-tech enterprise. The company is the pioneer of China's "full fuel production line automation" solution. It takes the lead in putting forward and applying the "three first-class" fuel intelligent management concept in China

in order to further enrich the company's product line and build a more complete intelligent management chain of fuel business, the company adheres to independent innovation, increases R & D investment, organizes expert teams to tackle technical bottlenecks, and continues to make breakthroughs in the transportation production line, coal-fired production line, sample production line and business management information process of fuel management. The three inventions were granted patents this time, which is the result of the integration and innovation of the company's fine research technology and application

among them, the "coal sample transfer system" realizes the packaging, temporary storage, transfer, unloading of high-quality raw coal samples and the automatic recycling of sample bottles by seamlessly connecting with the sampling machine and manufacturing prototype. The equipment is highly intelligent, small in size and non-destructive transmission, which makes the fuel intelligent layout of thermal power plants more optimized; The system has the advantages of high degree of automation, reliable performance, simple transformation layout and easy realization, and will have broad application prospects in the future; In addition, the container buffer devices inside the packaging machine and the unloader can store both empty containers and containers containing coal samples, saving storage space and simplifying storage methods. "Intelligent locking sample storage barrel" is a kind of sample collection barrel with identity identification and locking mechanism. Read the ID code through the information identification device, and output the control signal to drive the opening and closing of the locking mechanism after verifying compliance. It effectively avoids the possibility of mixing samples artificially and mixing samples in multiple sample barrels at the same storage point, and promotes the construction of the national new raw material base when designing the plastic mold. Effectively realize the separation of human samples. And solve the transportation problem of high-quality raw coal samples in complex environment. "A kind of sample packaging and storage tank suitable for pneumatic pipeline" is used as the transportation carrier of coal samples for the packaging, transportation and storage of coal samples. The shape of the storage tank is unique. Combined with the aerodynamic design, the storage bottle for sealing coal samples can be transported in the pipeline at a speed of about 20km/h. The bottle mouth identification code, together with the monitoring sensor, can accurately locate the running position of the storage tank in the pipeline. The dual anti disassembly structure design effectively prevents the manual replacement of the samples in the tank according to these formulas below, so as to ensure that the samples submitted for inspection are consistent with the actual materials

up to now, Gaoguang co creation, which has only been established for more than three years, has obtained 34 patents, including 4 invention patents, 27 utility model patents and 3 appearance patents. The patent authorization of these innovative achievements is of great significance to further improve the intellectual property protection system jointly created by Guangyuan, give full play to the advantages of independent intellectual property, promote technological innovation and enhance core competitiveness

the relevant person in charge of high beam co creation said that there is an urgent need to upgrade coal-fired power plants standing at the tuyere of interconnection +. High beam co creation continues to promote the application and innovation of new technologies in the field of intelligent fuel management, promote the continuous improvement of intelligent, standardized and refined fuel management level of power generation enterprises, and realize green and efficient transformation

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