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Heqigang: a big fan of Lovol loaders he Qigang is currently engaged in road construction, water conservancy, stone factory, mining and other engineering construction businesses in Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. At present, he has 15 Lovol loaders, including 6 Lovol fl953 loaders and 9 fl956h loaders, which can be said to be a big fan of Lovol loaders

he Qigang and Lovol loader

general manager he recalled that since the first Lovol loader was purchased in 2012, the company's trust in Lovol brand has increased day by day. To tell the truth, the loader Mr. He used was a domestic brand. He was troubled by many small problems and untimely service. By chance, Mr. He was invited to the Lovol product fair. At the first sight of Lovol loaders, he felt that the appearance was novel and grand, and the configuration was also very high-end, which was very in line with his own needs. During this period, Lovol salespeople also visited him personally for many times to select the configuration for him according to his actual working conditions. In fact, many people in the county where President he is located are using Lovol loaders. After learning that Lovol loaders have a good reputation, president he purchased the first Lovol fl953 loaders in 2012. With the continuous increase of engineering quantities, there is an increasing demand for equipment. As he is very satisfied with the reliability, low failure rate and timely service of Lovol loaders, he has successively purchased more than a dozen Lovol loaders

Lovol equipment under construction

reviewing the use process, the figure behind Lovol loader is the yield strength of steel bars. President he was most impressed by its reliability. He said: when we bought the first one, we were full of confidence in Lovol. We felt that a brand with such a good reputation would certainly help us better develop our business, and Lovol loader really lived up to expectations. Compared with other brands used before, President Lin has a deeper understanding of Lovol loaders. He said: "the Lovol loaders that were first purchased have worked for more than 10000 hours and are still in normal use. Lovol loaders have a low failure rate and mature maintenance accessories. Especially when used for a long time, they are reassuring." Now, president he has put all his energy into contracting projects and has a good business development prospect. The team with 15 Lovol loaders as the backbone has successfully completed the task, and his cooperation with Lovol engineering machinery is also booming in this case

Lovol loaders

are of excellent quality and cannot be used as an excuse to ignore after-sales service. Lovol engineering machinery aims to completely relieve the worries of users. "Lovol service? The service concept of serving you wholeheartedly. This time, we really realized that Lovol really saved us a lot of worry, no matter the product selection or later maintenance. Lovol can quickly respond to and solve all problems in the use of equipment." He said with emotion

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Lovol engineering machinery is customer-centric. After the completion of the project, it is committed to providing customers with complete sets of equipment solutions and to the continuous improvement of customer value. In terms of product research and development, Lovol has become the fastest-growing brand in the construction machinery industry. Through continuous technology accumulation, Lovol will provide customers with better products and services

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