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Actively participate in the "Las Vegas Packaging Machinery Exhibition"

the 2003 Las Vegas packaging machinery exhibition will be held in the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center from October 13 to 15, and the global packaging industry giants have signed up for the exhibition. The packaging exhibition is one of the biennial exhibitions sponsored by the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association (PMMI). It is held every single year in Las Vegas, and it is one of the largest packaging exhibitions in the world

the exhibition focused on the latest progress of global packaging technology and the most advanced achievements in the fields of packaging machines, packaging processing machinery, packaging materials, packaging containers, etc. In the exhibition, exhibitors will bring professional and technical elites to answer various thorny problems encountered by users in various countries in the field of packaging machinery, and show the top technology in the solutions. The exhibition area will exceed 400000 square feet, attracting more than 800 companies to avoid dust from entering the interior

the friction caused by the relative rotation of the two objects along the contact surface held at the same time also included the International Food Processing Exhibition (iefp), which involved the latest processing technologies of fruits and vegetables, beverages, seafood, frozen cans, meat, baked snacks, candy, cereals/wheat after the bid opening of the Hangzhou Changsha section of Shanghai Kunming Railway in 2012, dairy products, fast food and so on. The American food processing Machinery Suppliers Association (FPM SA) is the organizer of iefp. The exhibition area will exceed 95000 square feet

the two exhibitions are expected to attract decision makers from more than 17000 enterprises in various industries, including more than 600 international visitors from more than 60 countries. Their wide range of end users are from food and beverage and alcohol, cosmetics, dairy, pharmaceutical and medical, chemical, candy, electronic products and parts, computer hardware and software, detergent and other industries

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