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Making environmental friendly plastics with carbon dioxide

a key technology of Guangzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences has achieved continuous breakthroughs

it was learned from Guangzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences that Meng Yuezhong, the chief researcher, has made continuous breakthroughs in the development of high-efficiency catalysts, a key technology for fixing dioxygen stabilized carbon into fully degradable plastics

carbon dioxide plastic technology has experienced decades of development. Due to the high cost and its performance to be further improved, relevant research and development has been actively carried out. Meng Yue's success lies in the use of low-cost and highly active rare earth composite catalysts and materials supported by nano materials to rapidly fix carbon dioxide, while increasing the high content of carbon dioxide in polymers. The catalytic efficiency and high content of carbon dioxide and other indicators achieved by the nano zinc carboxylate synthesized by him under the support of the "Hundred Talents Program" of the Chinese Academy of sciences are as follows: make the faulty instrument and the normal instrument operate under the same conditions, which is the highest value reported in all the literature in the world at present, and the catalyst can be recycled. The carbon dioxide polymer is buried in the sludge and can be degraded by 4% every three months (when the degradation degree reaches 17%, the plastic can be (2) broken by vernier caliper)

it is reported that this polymer has excellent characteristics such as low temperature resistance (- 80 ℃), high barrier, transparency and degradability, so it can be used in the production of low-temperature fresh-keeping films, gum base materials and disposable packaging materials for food and medicine; By adding 5-10% carbon dioxide polymer into the base material, a disposable degradable snack box with high temperature resistance, oil resistance and mold resistance can be obtained

the successful industrialization of the project will bring great economic and social benefits. At present, the annual demand for fully degradable polymers abroad has formed a huge market of more than ten million tons, and more than one million tons in China. This new technology can enable a 1million ton production line to solve the carbon dioxide emission problem of 30 Guangzhou petrochemical plants, and the "white pollution" caused by ordinary plastics can also be avoided

according to Professor Meng, the project has the conditions to transition from laboratory test to industrialized pilot test. In the next three years, relevant achievements will assist the enterprise to establish a production line with an annual output of 1000 tons of carbon dioxide polymer, and gradually provide technical data for 10000 tons of production to meet the cost standard acceptable for industrialization

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