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Pay attention to the safety of the plastic industry at the 2007 China International Plastic Industry Development Forum held recently, the plastic industry for the first time issued a call to the society that "most of the safety responsibilities of the plastic industry are caused by computer misoperation". This is the first time for the plastic industry to focus on the environmental problems of the plastic industry from the perspective of "white pollution", but on the overall safety of the plastic industry from a higher level

as soon as we mention the environmental problems caused by the plastic industry, people first think of "white pollution", and the voices of banning plastic bags in various places are also rising. We find that it is higher than the waves. The feeling of the author at this forum is that safety is the most fundamental way to solve the "white pollution". Only by paying attention to the production, environment and other safety problems of the plastic industry from the source, and the enterprise shouldering the due social responsibility, can the "white pollution" be finally reduced or even eliminated

the author believes that the plastic industry is a complete industrial chain, and measures such as banning and restricting the use of finished products cannot fundamentally eliminate "white pollution", but it will be much simpler if the safety of the whole industrial chain is considered

first, from the perspective of product design, we have taken into account the future recycling, adopted convenient recycled raw materials and processing technology, and combined with relevant incentive and punitive policies, so that more plastic production, processing and sales enterprises can consciously shoulder the corresponding social responsibilities

second, develop advanced raw materials and select advanced technologies in raw material production to reduce environmental pollution. Relevant principals of PetroChina and Sinopec, the two largest synthetic resin manufacturers in China, pointed out at the forum that the two companies are tending to adopt the latest technology to organize production, and are successively transforming their existing equipment, In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the Institute of plastics processing (IKv) and its skilled crafts, which have produced at Aachen University of technology in Germany, are conducting a research on a polypropylene composite filled with graphene. At the same time, they are also investing in the research and development of more green and environmentally friendly advanced synthetic resins

third, pay attention to the safe use of additives during product processing. In fact, in some current product standards with high environmental protection requirements, few directly target the synthetic resin itself, and the vast majority point to auxiliary products. For example, according to the RoHS regulations of the European Union, all products related to the plastic industry are additives, and some additives that are toxic to the environment or human body have been banned. However, due to the low recognition of professional knowledge and the partial exaggeration of some media, the public often questions the quality assurance issues such as safety ring 1 of the whole plastic industry. Therefore, some consumers give up plastic products and choose glass and other materials instead. Therefore, the development and promotion of additives that meet the requirements of environmental protection and safety is imminent. Its safety is related to the image of the whole plastic industry and affects the future development of the plastic industry

fourth, pay attention to the health problems of workers in the plastic industry. In the final analysis, safety is responsible for the environment and ultimately for people, and the dust, toxic and harmful gases that workers in the plastic industry are exposed to during processing should also be paid enough attention. In China, this aspect has not been paid enough attention, and the situation of occupational diseases in plastics and related industries is not optimistic

in general, the upper, middle and lower reaches of the whole plastic industry chain need to make joint efforts. From the perspective of safety, enterprises should undertake the corresponding society, so as to finally realize the harmonious development of the plastic industry and the environment, so as to realize the healthy and sustainable development of the plastic industry

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