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3M adhesive home: how to start life after the epidemic is controlled

3m adhesive home: how to start life after the epidemic is controlled

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2020 is an extraordinary year. A sudden epidemic makes us feel sorry for the impermanence of life, and also moved to tears for the selfless love of medical staff. However, with the gradual control of the epidemic, are you sure how to deal with life after the epidemic disappears? Let 3M adhesive home bring you a 5S cleaning

what is 5s:

5s refers to sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning and literacy. It is an on-site management method adopted by many production-oriented enterprises, but in the long-term implementation process, it is often abandoned halfway because it is difficult to adhere to it, and finally become a mere formality. In terms of 5S implementation, 3M ™ The industrial tape and adhesive product group has a complete set. Since the PCI (6) 023e data collection card has no signal sorting function, the Cologne mass flowmeter is additionally equipped with a signal sorting board card scxi (1) 531, which sorts the vibration signals and then inputs them into PCI (6) 023e Another PCI (6) 023e data collection card is used to collect 4-channel temperature signals during the experiment 5S package solution can help solve the problem

for sorting, it is necessary to sort out "yes" and "no"

comparison chart before and after collation

in addition, you may also encounter the problem of insufficient collation space. Here 3M ™ VHB ™ Foam double-sided tape can help you realize simple space layout and increase

the following figure is a practical case. The skillful hand is synchronized with the world in three steps, which is pleasing to the eye

3M ™ VHB ™ Application cases of foam double-sided tape


Step 2, rectification. Usually we use four steps to solve it

1) identification

2) scribe

3) materials are first in first out

4 must meet the trace management without iron filings, dust and burrs

except that the third step is the software of management method, others can be assisted by high-quality hardware

let's talk about the logo first. We not only hope that the information of the goods can be clear, but also can withstand various working conditions and environments, cold and heat, oil stains, chemical solvents, etc

3M ™ 7. After the inspection, the power supply should be cut off in time, which can well meet this series of requirements. Compared with paint and paper printing, there is no problem of falling off or difficult to distinguish information

for example, 3M is adopted by a car factory in Lingang, Shanghai ™ Durable labels are used as labels for logistics circulation

3M ™ Durable label performance pyramid

followed by scribing. Like the signs, we hope the road lines are clear and durable. At the same time, after marking, it can be put into production immediately without waiting. If the space planning needs to be changed temporarily, it is hoped that the lineation layout can be changed quickly

adhesive tape is a better method than drawing paint lines on the ground. Good adhesive tape can withstand wear and tear, even if the forklift drives in and out, it is still fearless. At the same time, when the space layout needs to be changed, it can be simply removed without leaving residual glue

3M ™ The series of adhesive tapes can meet different performance requirements. There are super wear-resistant and durable models, as well as affordable models for children and old people. There is always one that can meet your needs. Among them, the best-selling Volkswagen classic models are applied in Shenyang Tiexi factory and Guangzhou Nansha factory

3M ™ Performance pyramid of adhesive tape

finally, let's talk about trace management. The usual sign management is marking, nailing and hanging. If the tool is not in the position, it is clear at a glance and convenient for visual management. However, exposed nails are potential EHS risks. At the same time, hanging objects are easy to fall to the ground with a slight touch, causing damage to tools

schematic diagram of trace management

is there a scheme that can be firmly fixed and easily accessed? The answer is yes. 3M ™ Mushroom buckles and velcros can help you. 3M ™ The buckle products of micro replication technology have the characteristics of high positive pull, high shear and low peel, which can simply realize the requirements of firm fixation but easy access

3M ™ Application diagram of mushroom buckle and Velcro

next, let's talk about the cleaning of the third step of 5S. Cleaning needs to be carried out in three aspects: cleaning up the underworld, cleaning up the leak and cleaning up the monster

"cleaning up", that is, cleaning up stains, oil stains, rust stains and other problems that damage machinery and equipment. 3M ™ Wuwei metal anti rust lubricant is a good helper for rust prevention, rust removal and cleaning. The product has good permeability, rust prevention and dehumidification, and precision component lubrication. A spray, often bright as new. It is also a "skin care product" that can be used in industrial equipment

3M can be used for residual glue ™ Orange scented detergent, leaving only orange fragrance without stains. This product contains petroleum extracts, which is more environmentally friendly. Industrial equipment can also have "deodorant"

3M ™ Wuwei lubricant and 3M ™ Orange fragrance cleaner

"leak cleaning", that is, clean up the water leakage, oil leakage and air leakage of the pipeline, and do a good job in leak prevention

for pipes, 3M ™ Cloth base tape is most suitable for winding and plugging. The cloth base has good viscosity, can be torn by hand, and is easy to operate

for box, can body, 3M ™ Aluminum foil glass cloth tape can make the pasted object wear "gold soft armor", which is corrosion-resistant and puncture resistant

and the leak proof of workshop, 3M ™ The sealing tape and air barrier can easily seal the space, heat preservation and dust prevention

finally, the work of "sweeping monsters" is to eliminate strange sounds and phenomena. In the process of equipment operation, unexpected noise is often generated. We need to clear it up in time to avoid the numbness of workers' mentality leading to small problems becoming big problems when real problems occur

3M ™ Ultra high molecular weight tape has high viscosity and high serviceability, and the surface of the tape has obvious slippery effect, which can help silence, noise reduction, slippery and wear-resistant

3M ™ Ultra high molecular weight tape is applied to guide rail to increase sliding and reduce noise

sometimes, we find unknown scratches and pits on the finished products when we ship them in the workshop. After analysis, it is often the workers who drop the tools and hit the products when holding the tools. In order to prevent such strange things from happening, 3M ™ Gripping material can be used to wrap parts that need to increase friction, and it can be firmly held in the hand even if it is gently grasped

if used on goalkeeper gloves, it can also reduce the occurrence of butterfingers. Even if the material meets water and oil, it can still maintain its performance and can be the invisible patron saint of the workshop

3M ™ Gripping material application diagram

after cleaning, the most important cleaning and literacy link in 5S is left. In fact, simply put, we need to adhere to the implementation of the previous three s, and finally become a long-term habit to standardize it. This is also the most difficult part of 5S implementation

because of the above key points, if the auxiliary materials used are not good and it is difficult for workers to implement them for a long time, they will slowly slack off and become a mere formality in the end. Just like the "broken window effect" in psychology, if the window is broken and cannot be repaired and kept fresh, it will cause further damage

then the signs, lines and other parts after 5S finishing and neatening are not durable, which leads to the psychological hint that workers do not adhere to 5S. Instead of constantly replacing the non durable auxiliary materials, why not consider using the durable 3M ™ What about the 5S package

in the unusual 2020, 3M ™ Fight with the Chinese people in the fight against the epidemic. In the first half, masks and goggles were used to fight against the virus

now it's the economic stage of resuming work and ensuring production in the second half, 3M ™ We can also work together to improve our literacy through 5s, and contribute to the production of high-quality and high-quality products and the supply side reform

the author of this article is 3M ™ Business development manager of China industrial tape and adhesive product group. He has been deeply cultivated in the field of automobile manufacturing for many years and has a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry

at 3M ™ During his tenure, he worked as a black belt in the Lean Six Sigma Department of the company. He has rich experience in lean production, 5S site management, continuous quality improvement and process optimization

through the exchange of this material, the author hopes to share the advanced experience of 3M company, a century old American store, in the manufacturing field and the high-quality production management experience of the car factory served by the author, so as to grow together with customers from all walks of life

if you are interested in 3M adhesive, you can immediately follow the official account "3M adhesive home", or visit the 3M adhesive officer and contact the relevant staff~

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