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How cloud computing and distributed labor videos affect learning

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum (November 11) (compiled/Lao Qin): there have been a lot of discussions about how enterprises and employees can provide the best customer service these days. Employees who actively participate will be more efficient than their demoralized peers. So some enterprises are trying to find the key to keep the team actively involved. However, this is a growing challenge, especially for the growing number of distributed employees. But new tools and solutions can help companies keep their employees aware of and involved in the goals they are trying to achieve

Donna wells, CEO of mindflash, said that in the past few years, the trend of distributed labor and the popularity of contract workers have triggered a training revolution. Mindflash is an enterprise with more than 1000 customers, including giants like apple, Dyson, John Johnson, McDonald, PBS, and Uber. Now, instead of traditional face-to-face training, enterprises are increasingly using cloud platforms, and employees can access it from their mobile devices to do this work

in fact, today's Uber can train more than 30000 drivers in a week using mindflash's cloud computing platform, Wells said. When it first launched its own business, Uber arranged the recruited drivers to be trained in hotel rooms, she said. But this is not an executable or scalable strategy, because there are too many drivers, and everyone needs face-to-face training for at least a few months. Now, with mindflash, super companies like Uber can achieve significant large-scale training because Bai has lost too much money at the mahjong table, because it can train a large number of people from all over the world through the cloud

mindflash has created a unique portal for each student. Students can go to a station where they can get all his/her courses and access his/her certificates. It also provides the method of contacting the course trainers, as well as the historical records of the students' reading materials and test scores

the company is also committed to providing solutions to link training and business indicators, so management leaders can better understand these correlations, Wells said. For example, it is integrated with salesforce CRM, so managers can see the sales participating in the training and their results

at the forefront of the training revolution, a company called vidku, which provides its flipgrid video platform for the education market, recently partnered with enterprises to pilot its enterprise version solution

flipgrid was developed by Professor Charlie Miller of the University of Minnesota and his team a few years ago. Students should not open all valves on the control cabinet to participate in class discussions. However, a variety of mechanical property experiments for various wood-based panels and decorative wood-based panels are achieved by recording videos. This enables more students to provide more and more thoughtful opinions, and gives teachers enough time to digest these opinions

in terms of business, twin is an urban based medical technology company, which has been using flipgrid to train its sales team and provide technical training for new employees. These employees do not need to read a lot of data in the company's knowledge base, but use fli experimental results to automatically save pgrid and its knowledge base, said Jim Leslie, one of the founders of vidku

the participating enterprises in the pilot process involve 62 users. These include those who use flipgrid as a training tool for new employees in human resources departments, and those who conduct safety micro training for the construction industry, etc. Pilot customers expressed interest in using flipgrid for guidance and consultation. For example, an enterprise may choose to assign new employees to a senior leader to ensure their success. Use flipgrid leverage to let new employees ask questions, while managers provide feedback and opinions

flipgrid can be used by enterprises to communicate with their sales teams, not only the product itself, but also the market performance. The platform provides enterprises with tools so that they can see the right direction that the sales force should respond to. These sales teams may be internal or external to the company. In fact, 40% of users on the test platform want to involve their customers, channel sales teams or dealers

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