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How much will the 4trillion investment affect the security industry

the financial tsunami that began on Wall Street can be described as "shaking the world", and gradually spread from the financial system to the real economy. The United States has always been the weathervane of the global economy, so other countries have also been affected more or less, and China is of course no exception. Specific to the security industry, first of all, the financial crisis will lead to the reduction of real estate, residential areas, enterprises and other construction projects; Secondly, some large projects will also be suspended when the economic environment is not clear. Therefore, even security enterprises that mainly sell domestically will be affected to a certain extent

in response to the crisis, governments of various countries have successively introduced market rescue measures, and China's response is also very fast. On November 5, China identified ten measures to promote economic development, with a total investment of 4trillion yuan. This is definitely good news. The 4trillion investment has a positive impact on the security industry. It is embodied in three aspects at the same time

expand the market demand for security products

among the ten measures, "accelerate the construction of affordable housing projects", "accelerate the construction of rural infrastructure", "accelerate the construction of major infrastructure such as railways, highways and airports", "accelerate the development of medical and health care, culture and Education (school building reconstruction, etc.)," strengthen the construction of ecological environment to test the tensile properties of rubber samples is one of the important indicators of a rubber quality test " The six items of "accelerating the post disaster reconstruction of earthquake stricken areas" will all involve the use of security products. Among them, transportation facilities, ecological environment and post disaster reconstruction not only require large quantities, but also involve many high-end products with high technical requirements, while housing projects and rural construction are mainly medium and low-end products

nb0.018 promote the progress of security technology

in the ten measures, "accelerating independent innovation and structural adjustment", it is mentioned to support the construction of high-tech industrialization and industrial technological progress. Security enterprises in the "cold winter" should seize this opportunity, especially those with strong technical strength can enhance their "resistance" to risks with the help of national preferential policies. On the other hand, technological progress can also promote the whole industry to develop in a more benign direction

the capital problem has been further alleviated.

the last two of the ten measures, "implementing value-added tax transformation reform" and "liberalizing loan restrictions and expanding credit scale" have alleviated the capital problems faced by many enterprises from a practical level, especially at present, the vast majority of the security industry are small and medium-sized enterprises. The tenth measure is just in line with the specific situation of the industry and is of great benefit to the development of the whole industry

however, we should also see that since the application of security products appears in the late stage of the project, it is estimated that the 4trillion investment will have an effect on the security industry until 2010, and will not have a great impact in 2009. And although the 4trillion investment will benefit both large and small enterprises, different enterprises will not benefit to the same extent. Since the state invests in some relatively large projects, enterprises with large brands and good product quality will receive more attention. Enterprises that only win by price advantage and do not pay attention to brand and quality will not be easy to get the favor of large projects

take Ya'an as an example, the 4trillion investment will play a relatively large role in driving enterprises. We will continue to follow up in all industries involved in national investment projects and provide products that meet their needs

opportunities and challenges always coexist. Looking at any great enterprise in the world, none of them has not withstood the great changes in the environment and rose in the adjustment. Security enterprises should also seize this opportunity to accumulate downtime: when the injection molding cycle is interrupted, they should make internal adjustments, improve management level, increase R & D investment, improve their core competitiveness, and enhance their ability to cope with changes

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