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First localization ε— How can caprolactone enterprises advance to the top four in the world

the first localization ε— How can caprolactone enterprises advance to the top four in the world

November 14, 2019

"in the past five years, without the care and support of governments and leaders at all levels, and without the personalized and nanny services of the park, Juren could not be today! In the past two years, if we can't use the power of capital and take advantage of the financial innovation alliance of the petroleum and chemical industry, it is impossible to challenge the limits, break the foreign technological monopoly and surpass ourselves." On November 3, Wang Hanyu, chairman of Hunan Juren New Chemical Materials Technology Co., Ltd., said with emotion

the company was founded in 2014 and has broken the foreign market since 2016 ε— The monopoly of caprolactone raw materials for 40 years

in 2018, the academician workstation for the R & D and application of caprolactone and its derivatives was launched, and the caprolactone akulon material used to make food packaging film can effectively reduce food consumption and the settlement of the pilot base for the development of its derivatives technology

in 2019, the supply of products exceeded the demand, and the sales department focused on services. Less than a year after the establishment of the Ministry of foreign trade, the international market layout has begun to take shape, and has won the unanimous praise of international multinational companies such as Germany BIC chemical, Japan Kansai chemical, Japan Nippon coatings, Zhanxin resin, BASF, and domestic industry-leading enterprises such as Wanhua chemical, Meirui new materials

what supported them to play the card of scientific and technological innovation, and what made them break the curse of 40 years of foreign monopoly

the monopoly pattern was finally broken

"originally, China's ε— Caprolactone is completely dependent on imports. In 2016, our company's ε— The caprolactone production line has been industrialized and put into operation, becoming the only domestic and only four enterprises in the world that can produce caprolactone series products. " Wang Hanyu said

the realization of industrialization does not mean that it can replace imports. Wang Hanyu also told the truth after industrialization. He said, "first, when the products are first launched, the product quality tends to turn yellow and the acid value does not meet the standard. Second, the unstable production capacity makes the production cost high. Third, their own technology is still relatively 'immature'. Fourth, the investment of innovation and transformation funds is large and the effective cycle is long."

"there is no experience to solve the problems of yellowing, high acid value or unstable production capacity. Without any advantages in technology and price, it is difficult to grab a spoonful of the soup without its own unique characteristics and advantages." Wang Hanyu said

in February, 2018, the company began a quality improvement project focusing on energy conservation and consumption reduction of production devices. Wang Hanyu said, "after dozens of tests, the company and the professional R & D team of Wuhan University of technology decided to increase the production capacity from the original 2000 tons/year to 5000 tons/year, so that the production process of caprolactone is becoming more mature, reducing consumption and improving the profitability of products. Among them, the unit energy consumption is reduced by more than 15%, and the unit product cost is reduced by more than 2500 yuan year-on-year."

after the implementation of the quality improvement and technological transformation project, the problems of import substitution and foreign monopoly for 40 years have been solved, which greatly eased the downstream Chinese enterprises' high-end application of the product in the new generation of biomedical materials, ecological environmental materials, major equipment and engineering special materials and other industries. In the early stage of the development of the biodegradable characteristic testing machine of caprolactone series products, the world problem of white pollution accelerating "green" has been completely solved

the company has declared 10 invention and utility model patents and authorized 8, becoming the National Standards Committee ε— The leading formulation unit of caprolactone standard and 100 key product innovation project units in Hunan Province

fission of industry university research integration

at the end of 2018, the pilot base for the development of caprolactone and its derivatives technology and the academician workstation led by Academician Wang Yuzhong of the Chinese Academy of engineering were settled and established in Juren company respectively

"First of all, after the production of caprolactone reached the design capacity, we promoted the product quality from qualified products to high-quality products. Through continuous analysis and experiments, the R & D team mastered the core technology of preparing polyols by caprolactone polymerization. We put forward a complete improvement plan for the production process, equipment, raw and auxiliary material control, production and transportation management of existing polyols. The new products were confirmed and praised by application customers, and the R & D team at the same time The team successfully applied polyols to completely water-soluble transparent resins and lotion in the laboratory, and made a coating with good handle, high gloss and high strength. This research and development work has expanded the application field of products for the company. " Wang Hanyu introduced

through long-term market research, combined with the improvement of understanding of caprolactone polymerization, the academician workstation also targeted the development of new products of low molecular weight polyols and completed the development and market promotion of 45 series of new products in response to the industrial policy changes in the domestic coating industry

Wang Hanyu said: "During the investigation, the company found that solvent-free leather generally has the problem of hard hand feeling, and caprolactone products can give leather a good hand feeling, so it has developed a number of new brand products modified by polyether, and now it has entered the market application stage. The production technology research and development of caprolactone polymer has also been mature, and the product is in the market promotion stage. The research and development of caprolactone modified PTMEG high-speed iron material has been completed, and now it is in the process of customer service." Try. "

the academician workstation will also establish key scientific research directions and promote ε- Caprolactone and its derivatives have developed rapidly and steadily, leading to overcome the core biodegradable technology, leading and supporting the ecological development of the new material industry chain, helping to cultivate innovative scientific and technological talents, improving the innovation ability of enterprises, and optimizing and improving the innovation mechanism

the successful research and development of biodegradable materials has generated stronger customer response. The second phase of the expansion project has not yet been put into production, and the market is overwhelmed. At present, the company's global market layout is advancing steadily. Contracts in Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries or regions can also be signed one after another. Customers who have not cooperated for the time being are also actively promoted according to their cooperation intentions. Many customers also arranged to visit the company at the end of the year and sign the first contract

on October 29, a delegation led by the head of the international procurement department of the Japanese adhesive manufacturer frequently praised the company during its on-site inspection. After several rounds of rigorous testing and repeated trials of the company's products, the manufacturer is actively promoting the first annual order of 3million yuan, and the two sides signed a strategic cooperation contract

since the establishment of the Ministry of foreign trade one year ago, good news has been reported frequently: the polyol production zigzag experimental machine of SK company, a large state-owned enterprise in South Korea, has been officially supplied with specific experimental plug leads and folding strength products of wires. The international procurement person in charge of Japanese adhesive manufacturers has led a happy investigation and signed a strategic cooperation contract. The European BASF Group will go to the company for on-site inspection and sign a strategic cooperation contract in the European market...

Wang Hanyu said: "Wanhua chemical is a new chemical materials group company with global operation, and its products are all over Europe and the United States, across the global markets such as the second ocean. After more than a year of trial, inspection, exchange and cooperation consultation, Wanhua chemical has given high praise to the company's product quality, product complementarity, scientific and technological innovation, achievement transformation, technical research, technical services, talent team, safety and environmental protection, mechanism and system, and comprehensive management. This year In October, the two sides have also signed a strategic cooperation agreement. "

"The second phase of the company will invest 600million yuan to build a new set of production units with an annual output of 20000 tons of caprolactone, 10000 tons of caprolactone polyols and 5000 tons of polycaprolactone. Within three years, the academician workstation will develop 15 new products applied to special industries, complete 10 technology transfer of polyols, and apply for 10 invention and utility model patents. In 2019, it will complete 3000 tons of polycaprolactone polyol production units. After the project is completed and put into operation, it can The annual sales revenue is 160million yuan. "Wang Hanyu is confident in the development prospect of the company

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