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Competitiveness of iron and steel industry: how to improve the quality of variable expansion

at present, the operating rate of iron and steel enterprises is insufficient and the profit margin is not high, which means that the iron and steel industry in Hebei Province has not yet come out of the cold winter

Although the cold winter of the market is closely related to the current domestic sluggish market demand, it also exposes the old problem of the structure of iron and steel products in Hebei Province - high value-added, deep-processing products have not formed an absolute advantage and are not competitive

Hebei is a big province of iron and steel, but it is not a strong province of iron and steel. Weak mainly due to low product quality, low added value and low efficiency. Improving product structure, strengthening enterprise management, and the expansion of variables are the only way to build a strong iron and steel province

the ultra-low profit margin reflects the lack of product competitiveness

on February 15, Zhi jun, deputy general manager of Hebei Wenfeng iron and Steel Co., Ltd., got the financial statements of the enterprise in January, and his eyebrows immediately locked. "In January, the profit was only 5.18 million yuan, less than 1/10 of the monthly average of last year, compared with the profit of more than 700 million yuan last year." Zhi jun sighed, "the cost of raw materials remains high, and the business situation is not very optimistic."

such performance is already good in the Wu'an iron and steel circle. At present, many local iron and steel enterprises are in a state of semi shutdown

Cao Liguo, deputy general manager of Hebei Puyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., told that due to the rise in raw fuel prices, they have suffered losses since September last year and have been losing money until now. One of the existing four production lines of the enterprise has stopped production, and the production pace of several other production lines has gradually slowed down, with a reduction of at least 20%

not only Wu'an, low profits are a lingering cloud over iron and steel enterprises in Hebei Province. Many enterprises attribute the reason to "high costs", but this is only a superficial phenomenon

according to the statistics of relevant departments, in the first three quarters of last year, among the 35 domestic steel listed companies, Shagang's share with the best performance in the indicator of net profit margin was 4.21%, while Hebei Iron and steel was 1%. As for the return on net assets, Bayi Steel, which ranks first, is 15.47%, while Hebei steel is only 3.42%

the competitiveness of iron and steel products in Hebei Province is insufficient. Extrusion technology company has especially shown the concept of extrusion drive with free choice of electromechanical situation, which can be seen from the export situation. Last year, the average selling price per ton of steel exported from Hebei Province was US $852.57, although it increased by 20.68% year-on-year, 18.83% lower than the national average export price of US $1050.36

Wang Dayong, Secretary General of Hebei Metallurgical Industry Association, believes that Hebei's iron and steel industry is still lost in the product structure. At present, Hebei's steel makes it obtain 1 positioning energy. More than 60% of the total GH1 is construction steel, and the product added value is low. It has become one of the 14 bases with grade B evaluation. Extensive resources products dominate, and there are few deep-processing products with high added value, which are lack of competitiveness

according to statistics, in 2011, the output of crude steel, pig iron and steel in Hebei province accounted for 24.08%, 24.52% and 21.82% of the national output respectively. In 2011, the main business income of iron and steel in the province was 1132.127 billion yuan, accounting for 27.80% of the total industrial income of the province. The expansion of scale has not eliminated the problems of previous development. The problems of many low-level redundant construction and low-grade products are still prominent

relying on scientific and technological progress to promote product upgrading

"the fundamental reason for the large but weak iron and steel industry in our province is the weak technical level and independent innovation ability to support product competitiveness." Wang Yifang, chairman of Hebei Iron and Steel Group, said

promoting industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation is the only way for Hebei's iron and steel industry to realize the transformation from large to strong

on the eve of Valentine's day this year, Yu Yong, chairman of Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hebei Iron and Steel Group, went to Beijing for a "date" with Morgan, President of Decaux, the world's second largest steel trader, and jointly signed a technical cooperation agreement

standing on the shoulders of giants, Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. began to pursue the dream of "building a world-class cold rolling plant" by benchmarking with world-class steel enterprises

since this year, good news has spread frequently in the iron and steel industry in Hebei Province: Hebei Iron and Steel Group has successfully developed a plate for food grade milk powder cans; It has successively signed technical agreements with Hitachi construction machinery and Komatsu construction machinery of Japan, and has become a world-renowned supplier of construction machinery manufacturers; The batch supply of high-strength wear-resistant steel specially developed and produced for heavy-duty automobile manufacturing enterprises has filled the domestic gap...

behind these good news, Hebei Iron and steel enterprises adhere to science and technology leadership and innovation drive, strive to improve their independent innovation ability, and seek benefits and promote development with variety and quality

in order to promote the upgrading of iron and steel industry in Hebei Province, Hebei Iron and Steel Group has established the general iron and Steel Technology Research Institute in accordance with international first-class standards, and built a new platform for high-end product research and development, scientific and technological innovation, and talent growth. They invested 4billion yuan, jointly carried out 52 key industry university research cooperation projects with universities and scientific research institutions such as Beijing University of science and technology, built pilot test bases, and jointly established the "special fund for technological upgrading of Hebei Iron and steel industry" and the "Hebei Iron and steel joint research fund" with a total amount of more than 300million yuan with the Provincial Department of science and technology, creating a powerful "engine" for transformation and development

with the help of scientific and technological innovation, Hebei steel products are quietly changing

recently, I walked into the hot rolling plant in Hangang new area of Hebei Iron and steel group. The red steel plate quickly passes through the 2250mm Hot continuous rolling line, and after rolling one after another, it becomes thinner and longer

"we now produce X80 pipeline steel hot rolled coil. At present, we have realized the serialization of X42 to X100 Pipeline Steel, and the thickness specification has achieved full coverage from 5 mm to 18.4 mm. The products have been successfully applied to the national key project of West to East Gas Transmission and many domestic and foreign key pipeline projects such as Turkmenistan, Nigeria, China Myanmar pipelines." Standing beside the production line, liangyongchang, the SBU project manager of pipeline steel of Han steel, introduced the breakthrough made by Han steel in the R & D and production of high-grade pipeline steel

seeing the magic of scientific research in accelerating product upgrading, Wang Yifang strengthened her confidence in taking the road of scientific and technological innovation. He said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Hebei Iron and Steel Group will spend 2% of its annual operating income on scientific research and development

cultivate well-known brands and call for made in Hebei

on February 1 this year, a chemical group in Shandong sent a special person to Wugang company of Hebei Iron and Steel Group, signed an order for more than 4100 tons of high value-added steel, and said that 100% was settled with cash

"what they value is' Wugang ', a well-known trademark in China." The salesperson told that the "Wugang" brand wide and thick plates have excellent performance in a series of national key projects and major projects such as the Three Gorges Project and manned spaceflight, with leading technology and excellent quality

once upon a time, cold-rolled products produced in Hebei Province were used as panels for Rongsheng refrigerators, Great Wall Motors and other well-known brand products. However, because the brand of Hebei steel is not famous and the market influence is not enough, these cooperation are usually low-key, and customers are afraid of being led by it to reduce their own value

at present, most of the steel products exported from Hebei Province are high-quality goods such as long products and profiles. In addition to the wide and thick plates of Wugang company of Hebei Iron and Steel Group, their brand influence in the international market is still very weak. When it comes to automobile steel plate and pipeline steel, people will think of Baosteel, Angang and WISCO; When it comes to heavy rail, you will think of Pangang, Angang and Baotou Steel; When talking about H-section steel, you will think of Masteel and Laiwu Steel; When it comes to cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, you think of WISCO. Chi Jingdong, Deputy Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, believes that in order to build a strong iron and steel Province, Hebei must focus on developing "three high" products with high technology content, high added value and high market share, so as to enhance the brand competitiveness of Hebei. "To build a first-class brand, we must have a clear positioning." Wang Yifang said, "from the perspective of creating value, first-class brands must ensure excellent performance for customers. Last year, Hebei Iron and Steel Group won the 'golden cup' for the physical quality of metallurgical products for 14 products and the 'excellent quality award in the metallurgical industry' for 12 products."

starting from an unknown small steel mill, Hebei yongyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has now become the largest light rail, heavy rail and mining special profile production base with the most varieties and the most complete specifications in China, and has been designated as "mining light rail and special support product production enterprise" by China Coal Industry Association

Du Qingshen, chairman and general manager of the company, told them that the secret to seize the market was to build a brand. They strictly control every process in the production process. A professional quality inspection team of more than 80 people always adhere to the front line of production, inspect 100% of the products, and implement 24-hour comprehensive monitoring of each process, Regarding the quality accident prone points and concerns, wonz CEO rosstan mazey said, "we are very pleased to be able to cooperate with DuPont industrial biosciences The key parts of the cooperation are subject to key monitoring, realizing the regular and procedural operation of the quality inspection system. Yongyang company has been favored by customers because of its care for brands like eyes. At present, yongyang products have accounted for more than 60% of the market share of similar products in the country

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