How does the hottest Chinese economy affect the co

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How does China's economy affect the coating industry

how does China's economy affect the coating industry

September 9, 2015

[China paint information] the development of all walks of life is inseparable from the "economy", and the changes in the national economy are crucial to the development of the industry, which is the case with the paint industry. Therefore, coating enterprises always pay attention to the changes of the national macro-economy, which is equivalent to buying an "insurance" for enterprises and being able to take timely countermeasures in the economic dynamics

At the symposium, the premier pointed out that since the second quarter of this year, China's economic operation has been slow and stable, within a reasonable range, and the vitality of economic development has increased. This phenomenon is also confirmed in the coating industry. With the end of the first half of 2015, from the data report of the first quarter, the overall sales volume of coatings in the first half of 2015 increased compared with last year, but the data showed that it was not very obvious. In this regard, many insiders believe that in the next few years, the development of the coating market will become more and more gentle, and enterprises should put forward measures to deal with it as soon as possible, which will eventually change from compact to powder, so as to prevent it from being eliminated by the market too early

In addition, the premier also stressed at the symposium that enterprises should not focus too much on growth, but should evaluate the economic situation under the new normal from multiple perspectives. In this regard, people in the paint industry also said that although the smell in the car is an area that major OEMs are most concerned about. At present, the growth rate of the paint industry tends to be flat, but the business situation of innovative paint enterprises is very good. "The emergence of this situation shows that the development of the coating industry has reached a critical period of innovation and transformation." There are also explanations of enterprise standards and industry standards in the industry

similarly, the government also expressed its support for enterprise innovation. The premier said at the symposium that enterprises are market players and innovation players. In the future, the government will allow various innovation resources to gather in enterprises, allow more financial products and services to meet the innovation needs, and use the wings of innovation to enable Chinese enterprises to fly to new heights

three "big moves" for the steady development of the paint Market

as for the development of the economic market, the premier emphasized reform and implementation when deploying the next work, and also put forward three solutions: "hard moves", "real moves", "new moves: +886 ⑶ ⑵ 654349 Fax: +886 ⑶ ⑵ 654388". Under the leadership of the premier, as a branch of the manufacturing industry, the coating industry should also think about how enterprises should seek development under the environment of the new economic normal

"for a long time, the national macro-control policies will affect the development of all walks of life, and the coating industry is no exception. Therefore, coating enterprises should closely follow the pace of national development, and then adjust according to the actual situation of the enterprise, so as not to be 'deviant'." Industry experts pointed out that national economic development is closely related to enterprises. At the same time, many national policies also directly affect the development of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should move closer to the country and use the "three tricks" to develop steadily in the market

hard moves:

the premier asked all localities to provide more "hard moves" to deepen reform. They should be bold to take the lead, innovate systems and mechanisms, open up policy barriers, and create a good environment conducive to mass entrepreneurship and innovation. When the government encourages innovation, innovation is also an urgent matter for coating enterprises. However, throughout the paint market, it is a common phenomenon in the industry to maintain a wait-and-see attitude towards innovation. In addition, experts also found through market visits that many consumers have reflected that the paint market is too single in terms of products and operation mode, and lack of personalized design

"although enterprises can maintain the status quo by taking a wait-and-see attitude, excessive pursuit of stability will also miss many opportunities." Experts pointed out that coating enterprises should take the initiative to make "hard moves" and continue to innovate in combination with their own actual situation, so as to provide enterprises with strong competitiveness. It is reported that the Saint Paul's integral paint that impresses consumers in the paint industry is Saint Paul's integral paint. Since its inception, Saint Paul's integral paint has "organically" combined various paints such as entrance door, bedroom door, balcony door, partition door, kitchen door, etc., so as to facilitate consumers to purchase uniformly in the same brand store, and enjoy services such as purchase integration, service integration and product style integration, It relieves the trouble caused by consumers rushing around to buy different household building materials, and saves consumers a lot of time and energy. Through the innovation of this model, the sales volume of Saint Paul's overall coating has been ranked among the top in the industry

practical measures:

"grasping implementation" has always been a matter frequently mentioned by the premier, and it is still the focus of economic work in the second half of the year. Similarly, for the coating industry, how to implement enterprise development has become a topic that enterprises must explore

"paint is a consumer resistant product. When consumers buy paint, they all think that paint can be used for a long time. Therefore, consumers have higher and higher requirements for paint quality. Similarly, product quality is also the basis of enterprise development. Therefore, if enterprises want to develop on the ground, they must first do a good job in product quality." Mr. Wu Guohong, chairman of Saint Paul's overall coating, pointed out that the reason why Saint Paul's became the first brand of overall coating was the high-quality product quality. Saint Paul's overall coating has always been strictly controlled in terms of quality, and strictly supervised in terms of material selection and blanking. Paint products that do not meet the standard are not allowed to leave the factory. Secondly, when there was no leading brand in China's door industry, Saint Paul's initiated the "6S noble door standard" which was stricter than national and international standards to ensure high quality, high grade and high environmental protection of products. In addition, the enterprise also provided one-stop shopping system services of professional design, professional integration and professional services, so that consumers could experience world-class products and services

new moves:

in addition to "hard moves" and "real moves", the premier also asked for more "new moves" to improve development capacity. This means that the government will continue to rely on the big strategies of "made in China 2025" and "Internet +" in the second half of the year, and spare no effort to cultivate new products, new technologies, new formats and new models. Mr. Wu Guohong of Saint Paul also said that in order to develop, coating enterprises should also comprehensively interpret the big strategies such as "made in China 2025" and "Internet +" and make every effort to develop new products, new technologies, new formats and new models in combination with their own actual situation

although the national economic region develops steadily, it is not only an opportunity for coating enterprises, but also a challenge for the survival of the fittest. At the same time, Mr. Wu Guohong of Saint Paul's overall coating also said that although there will be various challenges and risks on the way forward, enterprises should have the ability and confidence to seize market share and become the final winner

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