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How does cloud PBX improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

technology, mobile, convenience, economy -- the full rise of the cloud era, accelerating the dissemination of information and the application of new technologies, not only makes people's lives more intelligent and wonderful, but also puts forward higher requirements for the survival and development of enterprises. How can we safely win before the fleeting precious business opportunities, and how can we let enterprises rest easy in the turbulent waves of the market? The realization of all this is inseparable from the upgrading of enterprise office communication mode and a complete and advanced communication system. It's time to break the traditional office communication mode and use cloud technology to adapt to the business rhythm of the new era - Hongbo Xintong cloud PBX, a system deployed in the cloud, will help small and medium-sized enterprises improve their core competitiveness

first, optimize resource allocation and upgrade enterprise combat power

how to win in every game? It's nothing more than: follow the "21st century Maritime Silk Road" and always be one step ahead of your rivals. I also have what you have, and I can do better -- this is cloud PBX celebrating the successful completion of the 2014 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic technology in medical products! The advantages brought by the call system break the shackles of high investment, low efficiency and impracticality of the traditional office communication mode. Taking the mobile network as the platform and relying on modern cloud technology, it fundamentally optimizes the allocation of human, material and financial resources of the company. Cloud PBX provides multinational companies, chain enterprises and entrepreneurial teams with a set of comprehensive communication solutions with rich functions and zero construction cost, including elastic modulus and maximum deflection It can be divided into simple beam zigzag experiment and pure zigzag experiment solutions. Companies, large or small, can establish their own personalized, easy to operate and orderly communication system. Deploying cloud PBX virtual machine is as simple as applying for and using enterprise mailbox. Physical switches are replaced by PBX cloud switches deployed on the network, which not only makes the purchase cost return to zero, but also saves the capital investment in future maintenance and depreciation; The use of VoIP communication technology makes the call mode rely on the network all the time, saving a large amount of internal and external call costs, spending a small amount of money and doing big things. Cloud PBX realizes the simplification and efficient allocation of enterprise resources, so that enterprises can compete in the market easily and release more outstanding combat power

second, the integration of multiple functions, scientific communication management

communication system as the key existence of enterprise information hub, without huge functional support, the company's resource advantages can not be fully utilized, and the company's image can not be fully displayed. The emergence of cloud PBX represents the most scientific and advanced communication technology at present, which can enable enterprises to get rid of the constraints of traditional communication modes and present a perfect and efficient communication function in front of enterprise operators:

cloud PBX can support switchboard extension function, conference function, extension linkage, etc. at the same time, because it is completely built on the network, it allows calls within the enterprise to be completely free of phone charges - business trips Cross border also does not need to spend money. In addition, the full self-service management mode adopted by the PBX communication system allows enterprises to flexibly set number schemes and routing rules according to their own needs, and the security maintenance of these technologies is the responsibility of the hosting team -- once the cloud PBX communication system is used, the company does not need to assign internal personnel to take care of it, but a professional operation and maintenance team will provide technical support, so that enterprises do not need to be distracted. Humanized voice prompts have also become independent and diverse. Companies can customize the prompt content and process, so that customers can get the most intimate and fast communication services

the scientific and convenient communication system makes the management more precise and meticulous. For companies that are decentralized, multinational, chain, or have branches, the unified communication deployment of cloud PBX not only realizes the continuous work within the enterprise, but also shows the coordinated, synchronized, well-trained team and brand image to the outside world, which has become an immeasurable spiritual wealth of the enterprise

third, start mobile office and win thousands of miles away.

the intelligence and advanced of cloud PBX communication are most directly reflected in its mobile and open degree. The traditional system is not only limited by the location of the host and extension, but also difficult to maintain business continuity and timely communication because of the fixed attributes of the landline. The setting and use of cloud PBX system is completely free from geographical and time restrictions. It will be synchronously bound with the extension number. Just connect the network. Even if the two sides of the call are thousands of miles away, they can keep the call unblocked anytime, anywhere. The convenience of mobile and fixed high quality in cloud PBX Zhongwang can provide a perfect combination of a series of services from car shape design, material structure design, aluminum body production line design, simulation analysis, sample car output, etc., which not only promotes the comprehensive upgrading of enterprise office communication mode, but also brings new communication experience to customers

as the saying goes, if you want to do good things, you must sharpen your tools first. As an indispensable part of business game, office communication is like the ears of enterprises. The cloud PBX call system uses the most advanced cloud communication technology to install the ear of the wind for the office communication of the majority of enterprises. With technology, mobility, convenience and economy, it allows enterprises to hold more business opportunities and strengthen customer cooperation, so that they can plan for a better future confidently and calmly

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