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Hollow surface machinery: perfect guarantee

hollow surface machinery: perfect guarantee

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7 The unique outlet design can effectively separate dry products and sundries, and reduce the hassle of the next process and the labor intensity of personnel; Save human resources

main features of expanded food equipment:

3. The air inlet and outlet of the oven cannot be closed for use (otherwise, the consequences will be borne)

advantages of puffed food:

presumably most people think that imported equipment is of better quality and durable than domestic equipment, but they never thought that the original imported food equipment is also unreliable. In addition, the customs of a certain place in China also conducted a sampling inspection on a batch of imported food processing equipment, and found that some equipment had serious potential safety hazards, such as the grounding protection had only two grounding terminals, and the insulation protection at the contact equipment position was not in place. Fat, carbohydrate and protein are the main components of traditional puffed food. From the perspective of composition and structure, it is a food with high fat, high calorie and low crude fiber. In addition, most of the traditional puffed small foods contain more monosodium glutamate, hollow noodle machine salt and food additives. Large amounts and long-term consumption will cause high oil and heat intake, insufficient nutrient intake, and easy to lead to obesity. With the gradual improvement of people's consumption awareness, food nutrition has become the main focus of consumers' shopping. As puffed food, the main problem in the development of the industry is to solve the nutrition of products and change people's previous understanding of its "junk food"

2. Feeding machine: use the motor as the power of spiral conveying to ensure convenient and fast feeding

it can be seen that the quality of imported equipment is not qualified. Even some imported food machinery product manuals (in foreign language) are incomprehensible, and there are no after-sales warranty points in China, which also brings a lot of inconvenience to the use and maintenance warranty of foreign products. 1. The efficiency is not high and restricted by region. Air source heat pump has fewer disadvantages. Because air energy is a dispersed energy source, the heating speed is slow, and the thermal efficiency is not very high. In addition, air source heat pumps are prone to frosting. Due to geographical restrictions, air source heat pumps are more suitable for use in central and southern China

puffed food is a kind of puffed food with a certain degree of crispness, which is made from grains, potatoes or beans by baking, frying, microwave or extrusion. In GB hygienic standard for puffed food, puffed food is divided into two categories: fried puffed food and non fried puffed food according to whether it is fried with edible oil or sprayed and soaked with vegetable oil. For example, potato chips, crispy corners, shrimp slices, and fried rice are fried puffed foods, while snow rice cakes, puffed food machinery steamed buns, and popcorn are non fried puffed foods

4. The high setting temperature of the over temperature protector should be 10~20 ℃ higher than the high setting temperature of the temperature control meter (see the figure below); 3. Extrusion, such as wheat circles, shrimp strips, etc

7. Twin screw extruder has a wide range of raw materials, many product shapes and flexible configuration Choosing different models and configurations can produce different products

3. From the inside to the outside, the equipment are: industrial grade stainless steel inner cavity, 4cm thick rock wool insulation layer insulation layer guard board, and electrostatic spraying treatment of exterior decoration guard board, while other equipment has only layer cavity, and most of them are stainless iron or alloy plates:

sanitation is one of the key points of GMP. In order to meet this standard, it is necessary in food processing. In principle, if the cleanliness of the room with food exposure cannot meet the requirements, Corn Flake pressing equipment manufacturers or human-machine pollution may be possible, purification functions should be designed. If the construction cost or operation cost of the clean room cannot be borne economically, the "food dynamic disinfection machine" can be purchased directly, which is a more economical way of air disinfection and purification. Different equipment requires different forms of this function

process flow: raw material preparation → powder mixing → screw conveyor → extrusion curing granulation → air blower - drying - → (packaging)

5, convenient. The air energy heat pump occupies a small space, and its shape is similar to that of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. It can be directly connected to the insulated water tank or the heating pipe. It is suitable for high-rise buildings in large and medium-sized cities. It is the best choice for large-scale central heating. There is no need for solar collectors, which can reduce the floor area by 95%. When used together with solar water heating equipment, it can reduce the area of solar collectors by 50%, save a lot of floor area of solar collectors, and reduce the volume of hot water storage tanks. 2. Baking and puffing, such as Wangwang snow cake, Wangwang Xianbei, etc

type of expanded food equipment

2. The compressor is easy to burn out. At present, the circulating heating system is widely used in the air energy water heaters on the market. Running under high temperature and high pressure is easy to cause the compressor to age and carbonize. If the lubrication effect of the system is not good, it is easy to cause the compressor to be burned out. 5. Storage, heating, testing and drying are all carried out in an environment without oxygen or full of inert gases, so it will not oxidize

in terms of cooling mode

characteristics of vacuum dryer:

2. After baking, do not turn off the air supply switch immediately after taking out the product. Turn off the air supply switch only when the internal temperature of the oven is close to normal temperature. 3. Forced lubrication system to ensure that the transmission part of the equipment has a longer service life


2) the oven should be wiped frequently to prevent corrosive substances from adhering to the liner and affecting the service life of the oven

2. Low operation cost. The energy-saving effect is outstanding, and the return period of investment is short. The air source heat pump can save 70% of energy; Compared with the solar water heater with gas, electricity and electric auxiliary heating, the annual cost is the lowest, which is more economical than the solar water heater (with auxiliary electric heating), about 1/3 of the gas water heater and about 1/4 of the electric water heater. Short term recoverable investment. Every 1kW of power consumption can produce 4kw of heat energy on average, and the same power consumption is about 3 times more than that of electric hot water boilers to produce hot water

1. Wide application range. The applicable temperature range is -7 to 40 ℃, and it can be used all the year round. It is not affected by bad weather such as overcast, rain, snow and winter nights, and it can be used normally. It can be heated continuously. Compared with the traditional solar water storage type, the heat pump product can be heated continuously and supply water continuously to meet the needs of users. It is suitable for all kinds of group hot water projects. It can realize unattended and fully automatic operation. The centralized supply of hot water is equipped with water temperature and water level display

4. Hygienic applicability. It is the hygienic requirements for the mechanical structure in the design and manufacturing process of expansion machinery and equipment, mainly including the structural data, appearance structure, cleanliness, durability, viewability and other hygienic requirements of product touch surface and non product touch surface; As for the mechanical structure of food machinery, the key control points of health risks should be determined, and measures should be taken to ensure the health requirements of the mechanical structure. 5. The screw of the puffing food machine has a self-cleaning function, and there is no need to disassemble the screw for cleaning when it is stopped

1. Improved taste and taste: after bulking, the coarse and hard tissue structure of coarse grain is destroyed, and the sample of coarse grain can no longer be seen and the taste of coarse grain can no longer be tasted. The taste is soft, and the taste is improved and delicious

5) stop working immediately when you hear abnormal sound during baking, and check the motor and fan impeller to avoid burning the motor

1. When purchasing puffed food, first select the product with the mark of "Q after 2 months", and then pay attention to whether the product's label is standardized. Try to buy famous brand products produced by well-known enterprises in large shopping malls and supermarkets with good reputation. 1. Improved taste and taste: after bulking, the coarse and hard tissue structure of coarse grain is destroyed, and the sample of coarse grain can no longer be seen, and the taste of coarse grain can no longer be tasted. The taste is soft, and the taste is improved and delicious

technical implementation elements:

the second is to use an extrusion extruder to produce tissue protein food (plant meat) with plant protein as raw material

soaking: soak the corn dregs in boiling water for 1~2 hours, and the moisture of the soaked corn dregs is controlled within 42%. According to the market demand, various types of cornflake equipment are developed. According to the different output, the cornflake equipment also has a variety of configurations to meet the needs of different customers. The cornflake equipment can adjust the raw materials, temperature, moisture and other process parameters, so that the product has the characteristics of novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and delicate organization. Cornflake product is a new type of fast food, which has long storage time and is easy to carry. It can not only be eaten directly, but also be processed into other foods

3. High temperature expansion technology

4. The studio is made of polished mirror stainless steel plate to ensure the durability of the products

powder mixer screw feeding extruder air blower three-layer oven

⑴ the box bearing should be filled with lubricating grease in time. After 500 hours of operation, all lubricating grease should be replaced once (the new machine should be properly lubricated before operation, and the oil should be changed after 200 hours of operation.)

the following is a brief introduction to the production technology of soybean puffed food

when the puffed food produced by the puffed food equipment gives the impression of "five highs and one excess": high fat, high calorie, high salt, high sugar, and polyglycol. Among them, popcorn is labeled "high in lead". This is misleading. In fact, the processing method of food expansion itself will not bring these hazards

main features of expanded food equipment: Cooking: rinse the soaked corn dregs with water for 3~5 times, put them into the pressure cooker for cooking for about 1 hour, and then naturally reduce the pressure. After cooling to normal temperature after 3~4 hours, the corn dregs are not adhered to each other and are in a loose state. The shape of corn dregs in this state after pressing is neat and does not stick to the roller

6. Humanized intelligence and reasonable central program control make the operation simple and intuitive

puffed food, also known as extruded food, puffed food and light food abroad, is a new type of food developed internationally in recent years It uses grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables and other raw materials, processed by puffing food equipment, to produce a wide variety of food with exquisite shape, rich nutrition, crispy and delicious Therefore, it has formed a large category of food in a unique way Due to the simple structure, easy operation, less equipment investment and fast income of the equipment for producing this kind of puffed food, it has developed very rapidly and showed great vitality

the energy consumption of equipment is related to many factors, such as material yield, power quality, processing capacity, etc. The output per unit time of the same material with different yield processed by the same equipment is different. Anyone with processing experience knows that, taking Tenebrio molitor as an example, its yield is between 2.5 and 3:1, mostly about 2.7:1, that is to say, two and a half kilograms to three kilograms of live produce one kilogram of dry products, and most of them are about two and a half kilograms of live produce one kilogram of dry products, In other words, every time a kilogram of dried insects come out, one and a half to two kilos of water must be turned into steam. Imagine how much energy it takes to simply turn these water into steam. What's more, drying insects turns the same amount of physiological water distributed in the body and cells of the insects into steam and passes through the cuticle of their epidermis. Some equipment manufacturers exaggerate a lot when telling users about the output of the equipment, This is actually an unrealistic misleading. Equipment configuration: raw material preparation → powder mixer - → screw conveyor - → Extruder - → air blower - → five layer oven - → (packaging)

due to different uses and equipment, there are three types of puffing food machinery: first, using an extrusion puffer,

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