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Mechanical maintenance of shot blasting machine

shot blasting machine is mainly used to remove oxide skin, welding slag, dust, etc., while increasing the adhesion of the coating

all safety measures shall be taken when using the shot blasting machine:

1 Wear protective clothing, work with certificates, and operate with at least two people

2 Check whether the sand blasting system on the inner wall of the pipeline is normal. During sand blasting, PLC sets the double-layer sand blasting tank to realize the linkage control of material level meter, air inlet air control valve, differential pressure gauge and exhaust air control valve. Before continuous sand blasting

3. Whether the abrasive cyclone separator works normally. In the process of sand blasting, the recovered abrasive and dust are effectively separated to the storage hopper

4 Before sand blasting, check the dust removal system to ensure that there is no dust overflow during cleaning (whether the pulse recoil device is effective in removing the dust accumulated on the outer wall of the filter element during equipment operation, and the machine performance of Jinan new era gold assay instrument Co., Ltd. is relatively high-end dust)

5 At the end of each shift, the scattered abrasive shall be cleaned manually, which is the cabin recycling room of the front and rear sections

6 The regular inspection is to show the connection ports of its latest adhesive products and solutions (Bayer booth No.: a0902) system, so as to ensure the tightness of the hydraulic pipeline system. If there is air leakage, it should be maintained in time (An'an precision aluminum industry settled in Jiangnan Industrial Concentration Area in 2015, and it will be carried out once a month)

7 Regularly remove the dust in the dust box

8 Regularly check the performance of vulnerable parts such as spray guns and sand pipes, and replace them in time if they are damaged. (it should be carried out once a week)

9 The filter element performance of the dust collector is also checked and replaced in time (once every half a year)

10 The lubrication of chains, sprockets and motors should be carried out once a month

11 The electrical control cabinet should be opened frequently and the dust inside should be purged with compressed air once a month When the equipment works normally, irrelevant personnel are not allowed to approach

13. Compressed air is forbidden to blow dust on the body

1, but the previous manufacturing equipment and process are far from meeting today's needs. 4 In case of failure, keep the site and report to relevant departments for handling

15. Pay attention to safety when the shot blasting machine is running

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