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Mechanical vision system and its subsystems in printing industry (1)

mechanical vision system combines the functions of camera, lighting tools and software to capture and analyze moving images. Its difference from other electronic imaging technologies is that it has some special links with industrial production. The recent innovation of mechanical vision system has expanded its diversified applications and market door. The key problem is to meet customers' increasing requirements for high-quality products and easier operation

the current system is smaller than before, pays more attention to price, and is a popular fool system that does not need much knowledge. Manufacturers know that using mechanical vision system to automate and high-speed imaging process can improve product quality, increase production efficiency and reduce waste. According to the results of the latest market demonstration, we know that with the continuous development of technology, the application range of mechanical vision system is bound to be broader

the mechanical vision system ezvision 12x of Cincinnati industrial automation company in Kentucky (Kentucky) is based on PC. the complete set of equipment includes industrial PC, software, image frame grabbing card, input/output card, light source, camera, lens and internal detection settings installed before transportation. Design and complete accurate detection, such as assembly changes, standard specifications, measurement scales, automatic machine guides, and a large number of general applications

ezv China is convenient in the receiving industry of waste plastic modified plastic materials. Ision 12x allows users to confirm components, debug procedures, and organize work, operation, and performance. All the results are stored in the database, which can be statically analyzed in the form of charts and graphs for more innovative analysis. The results can also be exported to SPC packages, MS Excel sheets, or other evaluation procedures. The system can run under Windows nt/98/2000 operating system, and supports up to 4 640 × With a 480 pixel camera, the resolution and detection speed are as high as 500 parts per minute

crl opto cooperates with Davin Optronics limited to introduce a series of analog optical auxiliary systems. Including analog aiming equipment, which can realize high-resolution microfilm display. The whole set of analog equipment has rxgaic 1024 of CRL opto × The 768 reflective ferroelectric liquid crystal micro image imager is integrated into two systems by Davin company. The first system is a simulated binocular microscope, while the second system uses a different field of vision, which is a simulated monocular microscope. The light emitted from the LED (light emitting diode) passes through the polarization beam splitter (PBS) to rxgaic, and then passes through the PBS from rxgaic and is reflected back to each field of view

Swiss fastcom technology company unveiled two kinds of machine imaging sensors. Mvs-135 CMOS intelligent digital camera is characterized by intelligent imaging integrated hardware, which can capture visual information of images, high-performance imaging process, and upper connection. Equipped with high-end dynamic CMOS image sensor, 120dB cubic pixels. Mvs-135 can be applied to different software and connected to the network in the workshop. Digital input/output can also be used to control external hardware and sensors that trigger external signals. Mvs-135 can be used alone or in combination, which is suitable for a wide range of mechanical imaging applications

mvs-155 also comes from fastcon company. It has a megapixel resolution CMOS image sensor, which further defines the main body of the enterprise by image capture, imaging and sharing communication in one device. Mvs-155 is a stand-alone imaging system, which can capture visual image information through free programming. It is suitable for many kinds of mechanical imaging applications, including laser measurement, 3D scanning, object tracking, laser and arc welding, and packaging. It can realize random pixel storage. 2. Steel bar weldments can not only be used in frame imaging applications, but also replace the linear scanning camera system

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