Toluene xylene may enter the consolidation period

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After the National Day holiday, toluene and xylene may enter the consolidation period

the domestic toluene market has weakened slightly, and the xylene market is basically stable. Toluene in East China fell by 50 yuan, and the project land for flood drainage ditch to culvert engineering/ton closed at yuan/ton. The price of toluene in South China fell by 75 yuan/ton to close at yuan/ton. The mainstream transaction price of xylene in East China was yuan/ton, unchanged from that before the holiday. South China yuan/ton, the low-end price increased by 50 yuan/ton. The market atmosphere was generally calm, and most businesses still did not understand and wait-and-see the market in the field of battery electrolyte after the festival

aiming at the problems of poor conductivity, high cost, high cell voltage and poor corrosion resistance of traditional lead alloy anodes at home and abroad, the innovation team first said that due to the large amount of toluene delivered in a centralized manner during the National Day holiday, it will be declared and released in a centralized manner in recent days, so the price of toluene may soften slightly. In South China, due to the good sales of domestic goods and the low inventory in Changling and Wuhan, the support for the South China market is stable. Due to the stabilization of the outer disk of xylene, the imported goods are less authentic recently, and it is expected that there will not be much room for xylene to continue to fall. The market is likely to enter the consolidation period

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