Mechanical risk factors of the lightest machine be

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Mechanical risk factors of machine tools

a1 static risk:

a1.1 cutting edge of cutting tool

a1.2 highlight the longer mechanical part. For example, the flange motor protruding from the machine tool and the cantilever protruding from the back of the column of the horizontal milling machine

a2 danger of linear motion:

a2.1 components. For example, the worktable of a gantry planer, the ram of a shaper, and the reciprocating worktable of a cylindrical grinder

a2.2 parts with simple linear motion. For example, what industries are suitable for the use of universal material testing machine? What should I pay attention to when choosing?: Belts and chains in motion

a2.3 convex part of linear motion: for example, belt connection joint

a2.4 combination of moving parts and stationary parts. For example: workbench and bed

a2.5 jointly establish an innovative platform for cutting tools with linear motion. For example: planer of shaper, band saw blade of band saw, broach

a3 danger of rotary motion:

a3.1 parts of simple rotary motion. For example: shaft, gear, lead screw of lathe, workpiece of turning

a3.2 convex part of rotary motion. For example, the jaw protruding on the outer circumference of the chuck, the head of the key or positioning screw exposed on the outer circle of the shaft, the head of the driving key protruding on the shaft end, and the handle of the handwheel

a3.3 rotating spokes

A3. It is widely used in aircraft, automobiles, home appliances, tools, it, lighting, sports and other industries. For example, the shaking table of bevel gear planer

a3.5 combination of moving parts and stationary parts, such as the spokes of the hand wheel and the bed of the machine tool

a3.6 rotary tool

a3.6.1 tool. For example: various milling cutters, stirring knives, grinding wheels, circular saw blades

a3.6.2 combination of tool and stationary part or linear moving workpiece. For example, the grinding wheel and workpiece gasket of double head grinder should be made of red copper or aluminum alloy support, milling cutter and workpiece

a4 has the danger of combined movement:

a4.1 combination of linear motion and rotary motion. For example: belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets, racks and gears

a4.2 combination of rotary motion and rotary motion. For example: meshing gear

a5 flying danger:

a5.1 for example; Unclamped blades and grinding wheel fragments

a5.2 workpiece flying out. For example: continuously discharged or broken chips, flying out or falling workpieces

a6 danger of tilting and falling

a6.1 cause the machine tool to tip over

a6.2 glide under the action of gravity

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