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Mechanical equipment management in highway engineering

Abstract: with the continuous development of high-grade highway construction, such as quality insurance, the requirements for road construction machinery are becoming higher and higher. The efficient management of mechanical equipment is a necessary condition to determine the project quality and project benefits. Therefore, strengthen the management of engineering machinery and equipment, so as to achieve scientific management, reasonable use, timely maintenance, maintenance on condition, and economic accounting, In order to better serve highway engineering construction and obtain the best economic benefits of equipment management. Through the analysis of highway engineering equipment management, this paper puts forward some views on the existing problems

key words: road construction machinery and equipment management technical measures economic benefits

1 problems existing in equipment management

bidding system and project department system are the products of the development of highway construction market under the condition of market economy. The project department is very designed, so it cannot be equivalent to the new national standard structure with a single 1 oxygen index, so it determines that there are many problems in the management of machinery and equipment

1.1 construction equipment is not matched

after winning the bid, the project department is established. Most of the mechanical equipment transferred from the project departments are in poor technical status, and the investment in new highway projects will inevitably affect the progress and quality of the project. However, the large or special equipment required by some highway projects is not in place, and the lack of supporting equipment is also a thorny problem

1.2 the short-term behavior of equipment management of the project department is serious

what the project department pursues is project quality, project progress and benefit. Naturally, the faster the use of machinery, the better. However, due to the influence of various external factors, we have to work overtime and overload for a long time. This behavior of "emphasizing management and neglecting use" directly affects the technical state and service life of machinery. For the machinery that breaks down during the construction process, especially large-scale machinery, the project department is unwilling to bear the high maintenance costs, and it is unreasonable for only one project department to bear it. Countless middle-class and even ordinary salaried people have been kidnapped by real estate

1.3 there is a contradiction between machinery management and production management

the project department is mainly composed of road and Bridge technicians. Machinery managers are often not in the project department or important members of the project department, while production managers, as laymen in the use and management of machinery, can imagine the correct use of machinery, regular maintenance and other knowledge, while operators know little about construction technology, and are often in a passive or dominant position in construction, In this way, mechanical management is greatly weakened

2 equipment management measures

2.1 actively organize the equipment

when the project department is established, it should immediately establish the project equipment organization and management system, make the organization plan according to the size of the project, determine the type, quantity and leading machinery, arrange all mobilization and demobilization plans and total machinery control, timely report the organization plan, organize the machinery in place, deeply understand the technical status of each machinery, and replace inferior machinery, Prepare for the smooth progress of highway engineering

2.2 do a good job in the inspection, maintenance and commissioning of all equipment

(1) do a good job in preventive maintenance. Carry out a comprehensive start-up inspection for all the operating machinery on site, and organize the manipulator to carry out routine maintenance for the mechanical equipment, including the inspection of three filters, the filling of lubricating grease, the fastening of bolts and the inspection of the pollution degree of oil products. For machines with problems, a reasonable maintenance plan should be prepared and implemented immediately

(2) for newly purchased machinery, select personnel with high quality and strong heart, cooperate with the manufacturer to do a good job in the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and carry out pre job training for the manipulator. Only after mastering the operating procedures and skilled operating skills can the machine work normally

3 Machinery Management in construction

(1) the project department should make careful arrangements, do a good job in equipment organization, and allocate equipment in time

(2) the operator should obey the project arrangement and operate according to the situation of the machine

(3) the operator should strictly follow the operating procedures, observe the dynamic condition of the equipment at any time, eliminate various hidden dangers in time, and prevent the normal operation from being affected by oil-water and other problems

(4) the operator should strictly implement the mechanical maintenance system to avoid outdated maintenance and keep the machinery in good working condition. Track and diagnose the equipment with high utilization rate, easy damage and easy failure, and change the post repair to preventive repair. In case of any abnormal phenomenon, the machine shall be shut down immediately for inspection and reported to the leader in time, so as to quickly organize the maintenance personnel to carry out on-site emergency repair

(5) the vulnerable parts of machinery should be reserved to avoid affecting the construction of highway engineering due to the long purchase cycle

(6) the gap machinery should be leased to ensure that the highway project is carried out on schedule. Machinery leasing should seek comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development, do market research, and strive to reduce leasing costs

4 set up a mechanical maintenance fund and strengthen the cost accounting of mechanical equipment

(1) set up a mechanical maintenance fund and implement a special purpose, which can effectively solve the short-term behavior of the project department. The machinery maintenance fund can be drawn from each project department, and the proportion can be determined according to the size of the project or the benefit

(2) cost accounting should implement single machine registration for fuel, lubricating oil and maintenance fees, and keep abreast of the unit output, required power, accessory consumption and other miscellaneous expenses of the equipment at any time. Improve the use records of mechanical equipment, collect the basic data of operating shifts, machine hours, completed output, oil, accessories consumption, etc., summarize monthly and analyze and evaluate the use effect, so as to compare and adjust the technical indicators of mechanical use

5 conclusion

the project department should strengthen the optimal allocation of equipment production factors, use management and cost accounting. On the one hand, they can coordinate and organically combine with each other to jointly complete the expected objectives of highway engineering projects. On the other hand, it can promote the common improvement of the management benefits of mechanical equipment and highway engineering projects, which is the fundamental guarantee and effective way to strengthen the effective management of highway engineering project construction equipment and improve economic benefits. (end)

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