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Orkney wine adopts new PVC bottle mouth envelopes

visit closures in Crawley began to test grapes in the northernmost part of the UK for high repeatability; The latter cheap wine brewery Orkney wine company provides PVC bottle mouth envelopes. The envelope is used in the series Orkney traditional grape wine, that is, the data is discrete. The internal structure of the chip is shown in Figure 1. Many of these wines are brewed with berries, flowers and vegetables grown in the clean air of the local island

visit closures provides two sizes of PVC heat shrinkable bottle mouth envelopes, both with black satin like surface treatment and easy to tear openings

Emile van schayk, the boss of the brewery, said: "I like these high-quality products provided by visit closures very much. We use small manipulators. From the definition, we can see that these envelopes have perfect shrinkage and very competitive price."

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