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OTC drugs and brand packaging promotion strategies (III)

v. packaging and communication promotion

1. Pay attention to theoretical packaging

1.1 theoretical packaging

theoretical packaging refers to giving theoretical positioning to products with an advanced, scientific and attractive principle or explanation of the principle. Theoretical packaging is the first element of product planning and creativity, and is where product differentiation and market value lie. It must be both academic and social. The theoretical packaging of OTC products is not simply to repeat the existing principles and product functions, but to track the latest trends and trends of world medicine and pharmacy. Through the grafting of the most advanced medical and life science theories, a new theoretical system in line with product characteristics is generated, so as to complete the theoretical packaging of OTC drugs in a comprehensive sense, and finally make the products reach a higher level or leading position. This kind of packaging has high requirements for professionalism, scientificity and skill, which can never be replaced and completed by an inspiration selling point

1.2 the concept makes the product unique and more persuasive

from jinsherkang and shancunpian, represented by multivitamins, are cultivating a concept of daily health care, to Wanxi "Liuwei Dihuang concentrated pill" that "medicinal materials are good, drugs are good". OTC drugs pay more and more attention to the packaging and appeal of the concept, and its purpose is to publicize, educate, persuade consumers and obtain consumer recognition

1.3 several principles of theoretical packaging of OTC drugs

first, the emergence of a new theory of OTC drugs should consider not only the psychological factors of consumers, but also political, economic, cultural and other factors

second, the theory must be scientific, authentic, progressiveness and rigorous

third, in order to make a significant impact after the emergence of the new theory, we must have sufficient funds to build momentum, otherwise the awareness rate is too low to produce the desired effect. At the same time, it needs a certain infiltration and cognitive process to make the new theory have a far-reaching impact

fourth, the promotion of the new theory cannot only rely on the support of a single advertisement and promotion, but also must obtain the support of research and development and strong packaging

only by doing the above points in place, the product will give people a sense of advanced and high-grade, will have vitality and competitiveness, open the distance with competitors, and win consumers

2. Novelty and difference in style packaging

"Buddha wants gold clothes, and people want clothes". Modern advertising believes that packaging has the function of media, is the carrier of commodity information, and interacts, coordinates and complements advertising. People say that OTC drugs are divided into seven parts of quality and three parts of packaging. Through packaging, people can understand the name, specification and efficiency of products and enterprises, especially the brand and logo of products, which can make it easier for consumers to choose and buy at ease, directly guide scientific medication and promote the sales of drugs

otc drug counters generally have limited display space. Through the changes of packaging form, color, size and other appearance designs, it is easy to catch the eyes of consumers and deepen their impression of product brands. In addition, the packaging of OTC drugs should consider the length of treatment period and the price of unit packaging volume. The packaging form should be convenient for use and storage. The packaging structure should be designed to facilitate the display and storage of pharmacies or the storage in the process of dynamic fatigue experiments. The packaging materials should enable the products to maintain a stable state. In addition, special anti-counterfeit packaging can also increase consumers' confidence in product quality, safety and health standards

3. The advertising strategy is accurate.

otc drugs have two traditional promotion modes, one is clinical promotion mode, the other is advertising pull mode. Recently, the relevant government departments have strengthened the supervision of hospital medication and implemented the bidding system. The former model has been basically abandoned by OTC enterprises. In terms of the latter model, on the one hand, many competitive products compete for advertising, which makes the influence of guangdaoen's existing production capacity still unsolicited tend to fade, the investment needed to establish a product brand is greatly increased, and the marginal effect of advertising investment is decreasing; On the other hand, the release of domestic pharmaceutical advertisements has become increasingly standardized, the approval of pharmaceutical advertisements has become more stringent, and the amount of advertising investment has also been limited by 8%. Moreover, after witnessing the wheel advertising war of "you sing and he appears", the consumption behavior of ordinary people will eventually tend to be rational

therefore, it is more and more important to formulate scientific advertising strategies. A good OTC advertisement is inseparable from many aspects, such as unique product design, excellent advertising creativity, reasonable forms of expression, clear key information, appropriate communication media, the best investment opportunity, perfect promotion combination and so on. Specifically, the following principles should be adhered to

3.1 advertising creativity and performance pursue differentiation

this is an inevitable demand caused by product homogenization and advertising homogenization. Advertising consumers without personality will soon forget, but the pursuit of creativity is by no means just about novelty. "Simple expression, simple positioning" might as well be another artistic conception pursued by advertising

3.2 reasonably locate the advertising appeal points and establish the unique personality of the product

successful advertising first lies in accurate product positioning, which is the key factor to determine the advertising content. Therefore, when planning advertising, we should first carry out product positioning and market segmentation, and then form the appeal point of advertising according to the characteristics of target consumers and their pursuit of a specific effect of the product, and highlight a certain characteristic of drugs to create a distinctive image

3.3 choose effective media to quickly and vividly transmit product information

the best media for OTC drug advertising is TV. OTC drugs are mostly used to treat common diseases, but also directly face consumers. The advertising audience is wide. TV with high penetration rate just meets the advertising requirements of OTC drugs. Another important OTC drug advertising media is the sales scene. For many consumers, pharmacies are not only places to buy drugs, but also places to get drug advice. Therefore, pop advertisements displayed in pharmacies, on the one hand, provide consumers with a lot of drug information, and at the same time, can have a very strong inducing effect on the potential purchase psychology and existing advertising intention, making the potential consciousness become the actual purchase behavior. In addition, pharmaceutical and medical professional magazines are also a kind of advertising media that can not be ignored

3.4 pay attention to cumulative effect and strengthen brand precipitation

advertisements in different periods must continue in the form of expression to achieve the precipitation and accumulation of brand assets

3.5 include doctors, pharmacists and other professionals in the list of advertising appeal objects

the appeal objects of drug advertising can be patients, as well as doctors, pharmacists and other professionals. Although BASF ran, a giant that has become a leading supplier of high-performance materials in the world with leading technology and production, is consumer centered, the role played by doctors and other professionals cannot be ignored. In addition to the direct prescription, it will also affect consumers' purchase orientation in the future. An advertisement that attracts doctors and pharmacists can achieve twice the result with half the effort

4. Combination of soft and hard advertisements

today, it is increasingly difficult to drive the OTC market by relying on a single hard advertisement. As an enterprise, we must comprehensively use both soft and hard advertising means

on the one hand, we use hard advertisements to make a name for ourselves. Hard advertising is the leading means of OTC drug marketing, which is used to convey the popularity of product function language. It has the characteristics of large investment, wide dissemination, fast start-up and high risk

on the one hand, use soft text advertising to appeal for efficacy. Soft text advertising is not only cheap, but also easy to attract consumers' attention and trust. It is also more effective in the OTC drug industry. In the form of soft advertising, in addition to reporting and publicity, popular science publicity related to products, on-demand, sponsorship, etc., it can also use certain topics related to products to publish in the form of investigation reports, market hot spots, etc., or use events and activities that consumers pay attention to and the media are keen to spread, so that products can receive social attention as well as topics. But recently, the proliferation of soft text advertisements has caused some consumers' disgust and mistrust. Therefore, when publishing soft text advertisements, we should pay more attention to the content, form and strategy

neither hard advertising nor soft advertising can independently shoulder the heavy responsibility of the market. The two must be organically combined to make product function publicity and brand publicity complement each other. In terms of cooperation, we should pay attention to the combination characteristics of time combination and different product life cycles, and reasonably put advertising costs, so as to maximize the communication effect of Limited advertising resources

5. Emotional and rational demands combined with

these equipment give a certain play to the materials that extend the outdoor aging. For OTC, brand is not only the function and benefit of products, but also a kind of emotional psychological connection. Therefore, OTC advertising creativity especially needs emotional demands. A real, scientific, artistic and creative advertisement will generate a strong sales impetus. It should not only move consumers' senses, but also their hearts, so that consumers can have their own understanding and positioning of the personality and characteristics of products

at the same time, OTC advertisements should also fully publicize and explain the functions of drugs to consumers in view of symptoms, carry out real and scientific communication on product characteristics, and pay attention to providing basic confidence assurance and trust, which is the basis of OTC as a drug. Through the close cooperation between the two, the ultimate goal of OTC advertising communication is to establish consumers' emotional preference and brand loyalty, and win the public's love and trust

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VI. sales promotion

1. Human marketing expands the market

human marketing is the most real sales force. Human capital has risen to the first place. The key to human marketing is to establish a dynamic and orderly human resource system with enterprise employees as the core value. Domestic OTC drug enterprises should strengthen human marketing, so that employees can maintain their passion for work and share the spiritual strength of honor and disgrace with the enterprise. Only by respecting, loving, using people flexibly and using good people can we activate human resources, truly enhance the creativity, sales force and development force of enterprises, and finally win the market

2. Effective terminal promotion

advertising pays attention to consumers' hearts and terminals pay attention to consumers' money. The whole process of product sales should be completed at the sales terminal. The terminal promotion of OTC drugs is like a foot in the door. Only when the terminal promotion work is done well can the channel be truly unblocked, otherwise the input of various resources will be greatly reduced

research shows that only 30% of consumers plan what products to buy before arriving at the terminal, while 70% of consumers decide what products to buy and the quantity to buy at the sales terminal, and 13.4% of consumers who have purchase plans will change their original purchase plans due to changes in some factors, which is the potential and opportunities of OTC drug terminal promotion. The rapid success of Heart K, huirenshenbao, Juneng calcium and other products is the result of effective terminal promotion

3.1 channel strategy

both hospital and retail channels sell at the same time. For most OTC drugs, such as cough drugs and cold drugs, as long as they are covered by medical insurance, it means that the products have opened two marketing channels. It can not only be used for clinical consumption in hospitals, but also be sold according to the pharmacy channels, supermarkets and shopping malls of health products, forming an interactive communication and promotion

foreign enterprises pay more attention to their business in product promotion

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