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OSRAM and Mercedes Benz are both developing new technologies for smart headlights

according to foreign media reports, OSRAM has taken another big step towards smart headlights. The company recently said that it has developed the world's first hybrid light-emitting diode (hybrid LED), with a resolution of 1024 pixels, and can be operated independently, representing a major progress in the first intelligent controllable high-resolution led to market access

based on this technology, once the oncoming light is detected, the appropriate pixels will be automatically turned off, and the driver will not be dazzled by the lights of the approaching vehicle in front. In the future, the cone of light may be shaped dynamically, so that the driver can always have the best lighting conditions

the prototype was first exhibited at isal in Darmstadt from September 25 to 27, 2017

OSRAM eviyos prototype matrix LED based on μ AFS research project. In the autumn of 2016, under the coordination of OSRAM optosemiconductors, many enterprises in the industry, such as Daimler, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Hella KGaA hueck CO and Infineon technology, participated in the research project

the prototype integrates the light emitting chip and each pixel control electronic device into one component, so that eviyos can achieve the 1024 pixel level in an area of about 4 mm x 4 mm. Users can change the number of hybrid light-emitting diodes applied and use them as a supplement (device) to conventional LEDs, but it depends on the requirements of each device

under the condition of 11 ma/pixel, the minimum luminous intensity of the light source should reach 3 LM, and the pixel can also show a hazy effect. Only when the luminous dots are turned on within a given time can it be ensured that it is always on. The system has high energy source efficiency, which is at least higher than those systems in which all pixels are always on, because the former is more energy-saving. In addition, optical activation or deactivation can be achieved through the LC intermediate layer

due to the precise control and adjustability of each pixel, eviyos is not only compact and powerful, but also energy-saving, because the illuminated pixels are exactly those needed

"like many of our products, hybrid LED can also help us improve the quality of life. Through eviyos, we are helping to improve road safety, driving comfort and convenience. We are proud that we can show the first prototype immediately after completing the research project, preferably with our own materials for testing purposes. Now we are further moving towards mass production." Thomas Christl, marketing manager of OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor company, said

as early as 2010, OSRAM wanted to speed up the development of small precision electric injection molding machines and utilize controllable multi-pixel light sources. At the beginning of 2020, eviyos plans to set up an independent product series to provide a wider range of potential applications. In addition to intelligent headlights, intelligent selective pixel control technology will be likely to be applied in more fields

it is worth mentioning that according to the latest news, Mercedes Benz is also building a smart car headlights, which will be applied to the concept of projector to control the way of light emitted by the headlights, so that its light will not cause other car owners to "lose sight" or distract their attention

in other words, if the system tests that there are vehicles driving in the opposite direction, it will shut down part of the optical new material industry. It is based on these platform lines to prevent the other party's car owners from being distracted. The adoption of this technology also means that light can play more roles on roads, such as serving as a guide line for narrow roads or construction sections. In addition, the lights can also be used to warn drivers of the building areas they are about to enter

of course, the smart headlights of Mercedes Benz are still in the stage of developing and polishing into an integral plane. Whether the research and development will succeed and when it will succeed are unknown

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