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Huangli exquisite c101u single ear professional noise reduction traffic headset

Company Profile:

Shenzhen Huangli Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huangli Zhisheng) is a start-up artificial intelligence technology enterprise. Relying on the technical research accumulation of Tsinghua University team for more than 20 years, it has deeply cultivated the sound field, especially the research and development, application and service of sound front-end processing technology and related products, We are committed to using sound intelligence to improve the quality of human life and work. All technologies of the company adhere to independent innovation, and many of them have reached the international advanced and domestic leading level. It has won many awards, such as the electronic information science and technology award of the China Institute of electronics, the Beijing Science and technology award, and the national black technology recognized by the Ministry of science and technology

product introduction:

Oriole exquisite c101u

Oriole exquisite c101u single ear professional noise reduction traffic headphones are equipped with AI chip with AI call noise reduction algorithm independently developed by Oriole Zhisheng, realizing the ultimate call noise reduction experience;; USB type-A interface is suitable for windows/macos and other mainstream PC systems; Ergonomic anti pinch hair and elastic balanced corrugated soft rubber design, together with replaceable breathable sponge earmuffs, are suitable for customer service, telemarketers and other personnel who wear them for a long time

product features:

1. Single ear professional environment noise reduction traffic headphones avoid the interference of background environmental noise, let customers hear clearly, improve customer satisfaction, and improve the effect of intelligent processing such as voice quality inspection of customer service system

2. Intimate anti pinch design, no need to worry about pulling hair when adjusting and putting down the headset

3. The special wavy design of the earphone allows the ear to be stressed evenly and avoids the discomfort of wearing it for a long time. Ergonomically elastic balance wave soft rubber earmuff support structure, so that the farther the ear is from the fracture, the smaller the deformation is, and the force is even, so as to avoid the discomfort of wearing it for a long time

4. High fidelity 6mm single directional microphone and high-definition vocal horn unit, ultra light weight

5. Technical parameters:

application scenario:

Oriole exquisite c101u is mainly aimed at call centers and enterprise office scenes. As a factory owner who has been struggling in the steel industry in Dongguan for many years, Nanshan aluminum has achieved mass supply of high-end, high value-added aluminum materials for aviation and automobiles. The net weight is only 48 grams, combined with ergonomic anti pinch hair and elastic balanced corrugated soft glue design, Suitable for long-term wear, the most distinctive feature is its professional noise reduction function. In the call center or telemarketing office, everyone is very close, even only about 60 cm away. There are people in the front, back, left and right. At the same time, there will be very serious sound crosstalk between each other when receiving and calling. To make customers have a better communication experience, hear clearly and provide all conditions, you need a headset with excellent noise reduction function. Oriole's exquisite c101u product can completely isolate the surrounding noise interference, only retain the voice of the caller, so that customers have the ultimate experience; In addition, the product can effectively improve the effect of speech recognition in noisy environment, and make the intelligent processing of voice quality inspection, customer service assistants and other voice in the call center truly come to fruition

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