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OTC packaging and drug safety

as a special consumer product, OTC is closely related to people's health and life safety. Therefore, manufacturers should attach importance to and basically establish a packaging management system for the express industry, strengthen the OTC packaging design, so as to improve drugstores' understanding of the importance of OTC lax packaging, and provide consumers with comprehensive drugs and drug use knowledge, so as to ensure people's drug safety. The dosage specifications of drugs should be complete to ensure the correct dosage of drugs for patients of different ages and constitutions. At present, the "dose" specification of drugs in China is relatively single, and many drugs have only one specification for adults. This phenomenon has a great impact on the drug safety of non adults. First, the accuracy of dosage cannot be guaranteed. The diversity and particularity of the structure of children's tensile testing machine make it difficult for users to distinguish its advantages and disadvantages. Using OTC with adult dose specification, the adult dose is usually divided into several parts and taken according to the child's weight estimation. In the absence of other measurement tools, it is difficult to accurately take drugs. The second is to change the structure of the drug and fail to achieve the expected efficacy. For example, after the segmentation of enteric coated tablets, they become gastric coated tablets, so the curative effect of drugs cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the drug dosage specifications of the production unit should be complete to ensure the accuracy and safety of medication for all kinds of patients. The packaging specifications of drugs should be complete, and should be standardized to each individual packaging, so as to facilitate the use of patients and the retail industry. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization jointly proposed to strengthen international cooperation in the industrial field. One feature of the drug classification management system is that it is applicable to small doses. The packaging specifications of OTC single dose, one-day dose and one-course dose should be complete. In addition, each bottle and each tin foil should be attached with basic label instructions such as expiration date, usage, dosage and content, so as to facilitate the use of patients and pharmacy dispensing. The packaging materials and packaging technology selected for drug packaging are convenient for patients to open and use. Some drugs use sealed packaging to extend the shelf life, such as wax sealing. To open these drugs, only tools such as scissors can be used, which is more troublesome for patients. However, the packaging of some health care products is worth learning. For example, in addition to the convenience of opening some drugs, the packaging is also equipped with a measuring device for taking drugs or dissolved water. These costs only a few cents or even a few cents, but this can bring great convenience for patients to accurately take and take drugs. (Chinese pharmaceutical market)

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