China is the hottest to develop HCFC in polyuretha

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China has formulated the first phase elimination plan of HCFC in polyurethane foam industry

in order to achieve the goal of accelerating the elimination of HCFCs and showing the strength of the experimental machine itself, the center for foreign cooperation in environmental protection of the Ministry of environmental protection has organized the preparation of the "first phase elimination plan of HCFC-141b in China's polyurethane foam industry"

according to the plan, the short-term goal of HCFC-141b elimination in China is to freeze the industry consumption at the average consumption level of 2009 and 2010 in 2013, and eliminate 20% of the frozen consumption in 2015; In 2011, we began to strictly control the construction, reconstruction, expansion and use of HCFC production facilities; In 2011, we launched the publicity of elimination activities in the polyurethane industry, signed elimination contracts with some enterprises, and controlled the growth rate of HCFC141b consumption not to exceed 5%; In 2012, we continued to carry out publicity and promotion activities, promulgated relevant policies, summarized the experience of demonstration projects, signed elimination contracts with some enterprises, and controlled the growth rate of HCFC-141b consumption to not exceed 3%; Establish an alternative technology promotion center to promote the introduction, research, development and application of alternatives and alternative technologies; Before 2013, focus on the sub industries such as refrigerators and freezers, refrigerated containers and small household appliances. 5. Vibration table (including impact table and collision test table); Phase out projects: carry out phase out demonstration projects in other sub industries to freeze consumption at the average level in 2009 and 2010; In 2015, complete the elimination of HCFC-141b in the refrigerator freezer, refrigerated container and small electronics industry, and achieve the goal of eliminating 20% of the frozen amount

the long-term goal is to complete the elimination of 45% of the frozen consumption in 2020, 75% of the frozen consumption in 2025, and stop the consumption of HCFC-141b as a foaming agent in 2030

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