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China's original strategic achievements have initially appeared. Schneider Electric's local patents have "broken thousands"

Beijing, January 14, 2019 -- recently, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, announced that the number of its local R & D patents in China has successfully "broken thousands", reaching 1013, covering the four terminal markets of buildings, industries, infrastructure and data centers for ecostruxure architecture and platform, It involves intelligent hardware, software systems and digital services (excluding retail business product patents such as panel switches), which reflects Schneider Electric's high attention to the Chinese market and customer needs, as well as its strong R & D strength and innovation ability

Schneider Electric Shanghai R & D center patent honor wall

at present, in the globalized economic environment with increasingly fierce market competition, the independent R & D strength determines the core competitiveness and market position of countries and enterprises to a certain extent, and the number and quality of patents have become the symbols of innovation ability. Therefore, continuously strengthening the drive of R & D and innovation and increasing the protection of innovative achievements are effective ways for enterprises to maintain leadership and expand revenue

Schneider Electric, as a large multinational enterprise, has always regarded innovation as one of the company's important development strategies, and invested 5% of its operating revenue in research and development every year. In China, Schneider Electric actively implements the national strategic guidance on intellectual property and invention innovation, encourages all staff innovation to create value for users, and continuously increases investment in local research and development in China, and puts forward the "Chinese original" strategies of "in China, for China (C4C)" and "in China, for the world (c4g)". The number of patent applications "exceeded 1000" is an important result of the implementation of this strategy

from "students" to "experts", China's original and vibrant

Schneider Electric China R & D center was officially established in 1999. Its original intention was not only to value innovation, but also the Chinese market and meet the needs of the Chinese market. From a small team with only 20 or 30 people at first, it has grown into a professional team with more than 1000 people today. It has successively set up R & D centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi'an, and has experienced localization Product improvement, new product development and Chinese originality: from the initial localization of products imported from developed countries such as Europe and the United States, docking with suppliers and verification production, to product improvement according to the needs of Chinese customers, participating in the development of a large number of global projects, focusing on transformation, and finally independently leading the development of new product platforms, and gradually being promoted to other countries around the world, China's R & D center has completed the transformation from "student" to "expert"

in this process of continuous improvement, history also records the next important milestone of foam granulation. In 2005, the Chinese team officially began to participate in global R & D projects, and obtained the first invention patent, taking an important step; In 2010, the establishment of the Shanghai R & D center and the official launch of the "China original" project in 2011 promoted the output of local innovation patents to several times faster than before; In 2012, Schneider Electric launched and completed the patent honor wall project in China, displaying the invention and innovation achievements developed in China, and encouraging and encouraging all employees of the company to innovate; By the end of 2018, the number of patent applications in China's R & D center had increased to 1013, accounting for about 26% of Schneider Electric's total global R & D patents

looking back on the changes of Schneider Electric's China R & D center from simple localization to "Chinese original", in addition to stimulating the development of film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry, which stems from the changes of China's social economy and industry development needs, Schneider Electric's global strong technical support and perfect talent training system are also inseparable. "Edison plan" is an expert evaluation system implemented by Schneider Electric worldwide, which is assessed in four dimensions: technical level, customer orientation, business contribution and knowledge sharing. This plan has created an efficient and sound mechanism for talent training and selection of Chinese R & D teams. At present, there are 62 "Edison experts" in China, resulting in pressure fluctuations and noise

it can be seen that the successful mode and rapid development of Schneider Electric China R & D center not only meet the personalized needs of customers in different industries in China to a greater extent, but also cultivate and deliver a large number of innovative talents to China, thus contributing to China's transformation from an innovative power to an innovative power

Schneider Electric Shanghai R & D center

adhere to innovation driven and lead the digital future

the demand for high-quality development of China's economy and the increased emphasis on talent training will further accelerate the development of Schneider Electric's "Chinese original" and also bring new goals to China's R & D center. Based on the new generation of ecostruxure architecture and platform, and the acceleration of the transformation of digital leaders, its R & D direction will also pay more attention to the connectivity and intelligence of products, and continue to practice customer pain points and new technology driven innovation

the four seas project -- the launch process of a dual power transfer switch product is a typical representative of this development direction. At the end of 2014, in order to meet the needs of local data center customers to achieve neutral line switching while ensuring power safety with power transfer switches, the Chinese team took more than one year to greatly improve the stability and reliability of the system. The whole development process produced many innovative design schemes, and made a global patent layout around the product. A total of more than 20 patents were applied for, and finally developed products that were highly in line with the needs, And realize the added value of product volume reduction and performance improvement. In 2016, the product was listed in China and successively promoted to Europe, the United States and other places, causing strong repercussions in the market

for the achievements of China's local R & D team, Gao Shen, vice president of research and development of Schneider Electric China, said: "With the profound impact of digitalization on the times, the needs of local customers are changing rapidly. Innovation has already become the DNA of Schneider Electric, and the investment in local research and development in China has also continued to grow. We will continue to make efforts to promote the number and quality of localized innovation patents, do a good job in the future layout, and take leading technology as an important weapon to lead the market."

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