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OSRAM's car photo will hit tomorrow's cat double 11 pre-sale

tmall double 11 Carnival Party is about to begin. The annual hand cutting Carnival shopping season grand ceremony, the global automotive lighting leader OSRAM will select the annual hot lamp upgrade for you. We sincerely invite you to attend the OSRAM double 11 Carnival pre-sale party

from October 20 to November 10, the surprise pre-sale of OSRAM OSRAM tmall's official flagship store was fully opened, and all kinds of gifts were online. The reservation was reduced immediately, and then the big gift bag was given. The pre-sale hot money deposit was free, and the store coupon received on the home page can also be used with tmall allowance superimposed. What's more, ipad

4 is waiting for you to win

Bing bay new products: OSRAM new generation laser Nightwalker halogen lamp series

OSRAM new generation laser Nightwalker proudly launched, double 11 new products special offers. As a halogen lamp series, the new generation of laser Nightwalker has six outstanding advantages: quality assurance imported from Germany; The irradiation distance is up to 150 meters; The brightness is increased by 150%; Light color whitening up to 20%; Laser ablation technology has better lighting effect; Higher visibility and earlier identification of road signs, obstacles and hazards. Buy OSRAM's new generation of laser Nightwalker halogen lamp series on the day of double 11, and you can enjoy the popular promotional price. The first 300 plus a customized car charge, and it's more cost-effective to get the store coupon on the home page

popular new products: OSRAM led fast lighter replaces the upgraded lamp

are you still worried about the damage caused by the upgraded lamp to your car? Now you can put aside these worries and hesitations, because OSRAM led fast light replacement upgraded lights appear! The principle research and development of the LED flash headlamp simulates the halogen lamp. The buckle and pin are the same as the halogen bulb, and the size of the lamp is also similar to the halogen bulb. Those with fast LED light are fashionable cold white light, and the color temperature of LED can reach 6000K; The brightness can be increased by 40% *, which is clear and far sighted, making driving safer; Efficient and energy-saving, reduce the load of automobile battery and increase the service life; Non destructive installation, fast upgrade, protect your car. Book immediately and enjoy a deposit of 90 yuan free. The top 200 will receive an exclusive gift bag worth 300 yuan. The final payment will be matched with shop coupons, car accessories shopping vouchers and tmall shopping allowance by 130 yuan. The arrival price is 680 yuan. This channel can be equipped with load sensors or press oil pressure sensors) according to user requirements

word of mouth star products: discounts continue to be enjoyed at good prices

OSRAM halogen to xenon upgrade package

OSRAM's many consumer word of mouth options also have varying degrees of discounts, covering halogen lamps, xenon lamps and LED headlights. OSRAM xenon upgrade kit, halogen to xenon one set. 5. Long service life, free installation nationwide, free deposit of 100 yuan, free of charge. The top 30 will give another 300 oil card, and the final payment will be matched with store coupons, car accessories shopping coupons and tmall shopping allowance by 730, and the hand price will be 4109 yuan; Germany imported OSRAM cool blue upgraded xenon bulb, which is scheduled to enjoy a deposit of 70 yuan free, and the top 100 will give another price of 45 yuan to speed up the optimization of stock; We should standardize the market-oriented operation of car charging, and reduce the final payment by 90 with shop coupons, car accessories shopping vouchers and tmall shopping allowance, and the price on hand is as low as 499 yuan. In addition, star products such as the third generation of Nightwalker, the golden eye fog lamp of fogwalker and the dazzling blue halogen bulb all have preferential activities such as car charging for the top 200 on the day of double 11

tmall's double 11 carnival is grandly opened. OSRAM OSRAM tmall flagship store is making an annual grand offer. Go to OSRAM tmall flagship store immediately, Book Star products for lamp upgrades, and find more value-added treats

* compare European ECE regulations and standards

[about OSRAM automotive lighting] OSRAM is a world leading high-tech company with a brand history of more than 110 years. Founded in July 1919, headquartered in Munich, Germany, OSRAM is a global automotive lighting market leader. After entering the Chinese market, OSRAM is committed to bringing the world's leading technologies and products into China and creating customized automotive lighting solutions that meet Chinese car owners with international standards. Finding such laws can deal with errors. OSRAM, as an international top automotive lighting accessories manufacturer, has won the trust of major mainstream automotive brands and global car owners with excellent technology and reliable performance by virtue of innovative lighting technology and solutions. In addition, OSRAM automotive professional lighting actively participated in the selection of China's automotive authorities. Become the strategic partner of China's car of the year in 2018

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