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China has accelerated the construction of "rubber Valley" to seek the evolution of China's rubber industry. Excess product structural production capacity, large but not strong rubber industry, and failure to grasp the international rubber pricing power have been important factors that have plagued the development of China's tire enterprises. In September this year, the WTO rejected China's appeal on the "Sino US tire warranty case" and ruled that China lost the lawsuit, This makes Chinese tire enterprises still at a disadvantage in exports to the United States in the coming year. China's rubber industry has been seeking countermeasures to cope with the crisis. On the 16th, the China Rubber Industry Association officially settled in the "China Rubber Valley" after connecting the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling, which is another measure for China to accelerate the construction of rubber industry agglomeration areas and expand and strengthen the rubber industry

the guiding outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of China's rubber industry clearly points out that backward production capacity should be eliminated in the next five years, low-level repeated construction should be prohibited, an industrial access mechanism should be established, and the goal of improving industrial concentration should be achieved. Development goals of high-tech content, independent innovation and characteristic products. Therefore, building a rubber industry cluster, aggregating industry and scientific research and technology resources, and accelerating the construction of independent well-known brands have become one of the development goals of the rubber industry during the "12th Five Year Plan"

for this reason, in January this year, the "China Rubber Valley" proposed based on the concept of "Silicon Valley" in the United States was established in Qingdao. The total planning area of the valley is about 3000 mu with excellent high-temperature resistance. It is a high-end industrial cluster supported by industry associations, universities, scientific research structures, well-known rubber enterprises and related intermediary services. At present, the first phase of the project with a total construction area of 350000 square meters has been completed. According to the relevant person in charge of the valley, the district has six functions, including scientific research and education, entrepreneurship incubation, information platform, exhibition and business, Cultural Expo, intermediary financing, and can provide one-stop special service windows for government affairs for settled enterprises. Leaders at all levels, customers and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of water shares, provide intermediary services such as management consulting and venture capital E-commerce services such as production and marketing matching and rubber intellectual property trading platform

at the unveiling ceremony of four institutions including the office of the China Rubber Industry Association in the rubber Valley, fan Rende, President of the China Rubber Industry Association, said that the development orientation of the rubber Valley is accurate, with the world first as the development goal, and in line with the development trend of China's rubber industry

he said that at present, the layout of the domestic rubber industry is relatively scattered, and the regional development is not coordinated. The reason why the association settled in the rubber Valley is to effectively aggregate various rubber industry resources, so as to make China's rubber industry bigger and stronger in the fierce international competition

as we all know, one of the important reasons for the success of the "Silicon Valley" in the United States is that it is supported by world-renowned universities such as Stanford University with strong scientific research forces nearby, so the development of rubber Valley cannot be separated from the support of scientific research forces

it is reported that in China's rubber Valley, there are not only domestic colleges and universities that are good at rubber majors, which can train more than 2800 rubber professionals every year, but also 6 national scientific research and technology institutions such as the cultivation base of the State Key Laboratory of ecological chemical industry, the State Key Laboratory of rubber and plastic materials and engineering of the Ministry of education and the national tire process and control engineering technology research center of the Ministry of science and technology. Therefore, the technical foundation of rubber is strong, This makes it possible for China's rubber industry to introduce rigid polyurethane foam board and other insulation materials in Shanghai to expand

however, some analysts pointed out that the glory of "Silicon Valley" lies not only in the effect of its industrial agglomeration, but also in the innovation atmosphere inspired by its spirit of "innovation that allows failure". Therefore, China Rubber Valley wants to realize the long cherished wish of the great and strong evolution of China's rubber industry, and advocating and encouraging innovation should also be one of the indispensable elements in its construction and development

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