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OSRAM led helps West Tower shine in Guangzhou, June 11, 2009. Recently, OSRAM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens, won the first prize in the bidding for curtain wall lighting LED (semiconductor light emitting diode) products of Guangzhou International Financial Center (West Tower), becoming the only lighting equipment supplier for this new landmark building in Guangzhou and an important supporting project of the 2010 Guangzhou sports event. The order, valued at more than 32million yuan, is by far one of OSRAM's largest led projects in China. At the beginning of next year, the brightly lit West Tower will show tourists around the world the new face of Guangzhou City and add another beautiful scenery to the night scene of Yangcheng

with a height of 432 meters, the West Tower is the second tallest building in Chinese Mainland and the sixth tallest building in the world. Its appearance is smooth and transparent, and its shape is slender, just like a slender crystal standing in Guangzhou. Therefore, the control of decarburization layer depth is an important aspect of the performance control of the production of high-strength excellent spring steel on the central axis of the new city. With its geographical advantage of being located in the new urban center of Guangzhou, West Tower will become the top comprehensive business center in southern China, integrating six-star hotels, office buildings, international conference centers, high-end shopping centers and catering

OSRAM will provide more than 10000 sets of LED products to create a magical visual effect for the crystal glass curtain wall of the West Tower at night. Due to the energy-saving and long service life of LED, it can effectively reduce lighting energy consumption and improve cost-effectiveness. West Tower will become a new model in the field of green building lighting. According to the design scheme, the lighting will surround the whole building, which at first glance is mistaken for a copper core building in an oblique grid layout, naturally outlining the diamond crystal structure of the West Tower. The main color of the light is red, and the lighting mode is from bottom to top flowing flash. The whole system is controlled by computer program, with LED light 10 It has perfect limit protection function, overload, overcurrent protection, automatic shutdown of experimental fracture and other functions. The light can also be changed into different colors to meet the needs of relevant festivals or celebrations

Mr. Zhuang Xian, President of OSRAM (China) Lighting Co., Ltd., pointed out: "The West Tower project is a milestone in the development of our led business in China. We are very honored to contribute OSRAM's top, environmentally friendly, beautiful and cost-effective lighting solutions to help Guangzhou show its new international image. We hope that all people who come to Guangzhou to participate in the 2010 sports event can feel the charm and friendship of Guangzhou."

Siemens in China

Siemens is a deeply loved and respected corporate citizen in China. As early as 1872, Siemens provided China with the first pointer telegraph, thus becoming the first multinational enterprise pioneer to cooperate with China. For more than a hundred years, Siemens has become unique in the industry with its outstanding technical achievements, unremitting pursuit of innovation, outstanding quality and reliability, and continuously strengthened internationality. So far, Siemens has established more than 90 operating enterprises in China and regional offices in 61 cities, covering all business areas of Siemens, such as industry, energy and healthcare. Siemens' business organizations and regional and provincial general managers throughout China enable the company to better grasp the pulse of the market, understand local information, and more effectively meet the needs of customers. Siemens has more than 43000 high-quality employees in China, and is one of the foreign-invested enterprises with the largest number of employees in China. Today, Siemens has fully invested its environmental protection business portfolio and innovative solutions in its cooperation with China, demonstrating its firm determination to help China achieve sustainable development. In fiscal year 2008, Siemens China achieved sales revenue of 57 billion yuan and new orders of 65.5 billion yuan

about OSRAM

OSRAM, headquartered in Munich, Germany, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens, has been famous for its excellent light source products for a hundred years. Today, OSRAM has become one of the world's two major light source manufacturers. In fiscal year 2008 (as of September 30, 2008), OSRAM's global sales performance reached 4.6 billion euros. OSRAM's products are distributed in nearly 150 countries and regions around the world. With innovative technologies and solutions, OSRAM continues to develop new fields of artificial light sources, and its products are widely used in offices, factories, homes and road lighting. OSRAM (China) Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. OSRAM has four manufacturing plants and a research and development center in China. OSRAM China has become the strength center of OSRAM in the Asia Pacific region and plays an important role in OSRAM's global strategy

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