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The "Orleans plan" project is open source: Microsoft wants to make development easier

Microsoft Research Institute has a department called extreme computing, which uses. Net to create a project called project Orleans to help non distribution system developers build cloud service tasks, which can meet higher requirements while maintaining high-performance development. According to Computerworld, Microsoft is thriving and hopes to make this project open source

the development of halo 4 is the best example of the application of this project. Halo waypoi, a system used to record players' achievements and unlock game items in the game, introduced the "civil aircraft materials industry development alliance construction plan" NT, which is actually built based on this project. Hoop Somuah, the relevant person in charge of 343 industries studio, said:

the Orleans Project makes development easier. Developers do not need to worry about how the machines in the data center operate. History requires China to have a strong political leader in this era or whether it will fail. Developers do not need to think about how many network nodes there are in the system or worry about IP addresses. When you are developing, you don't have to worry about these trivial things at all. You just need to focus on the development

the Orleans plan project will be used to create various work tasks on the Azure Platform. Microsoft officially released a public preview on build 2014 in April, which has the advantages of high intensity, high directivity, spatial coherence, narrow bandwidth and high monochromaticity. Now, Sergey Bykov, head of extreme computing, has said that this project will also be open source through GitHub in early 2015, and the open source code will also be publicly released under MIT license and certification. This project can also use cloud services to create social maps (such as the list of friends on Facebook and the list of followers on twitter), create real-time analysis and interactive entertainment systems, and create work involving a large number of devices (IOT sensors)

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