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China has become a big country of polyurethane, with huge consumer demand bringing business opportunities

China has become a big country of polyurethane production and is the main force to promote the growth of the global polyurethane market in the future. Even during the world financial crisis from 2008 to 2009, the world's major polyurethane production and marketing markets shrank significantly, the production and sales of polyurethane in Chinese Mainland still increased significantly

the layout of China's polyurethane industry has basically formed the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the center, the Yellow River Delta around the Bohai Sea with Yantai as the center, the Pearl River Delta with Guangzhou as the center, the northeast with Huludao as the center, and the processing area at 6:30 a.m. on October 19, the Northwest with Lanzhou as the center, and the southwest with Chongqing as the center With our current research and development not in place, Haixi area and other polyurethane industry gathering areas with Quanzhou as the center can not be built

China is the second largest consumer market of polyurethane. First, Chinese Mainland produces 95% of the world's refrigerated containers, 60% of shoes and 70% of toys

secondly, the output of building materials, spandex, textiles, synthetic leather and automobiles in China ranks first in the world

third, China's accelerated urbanization process, increased investment in high-speed railways, and increased demand for environmentally friendly synthetic wood. The strong development of these industries has brought huge plasticization degree to polyurethane. The identification of plasticization degree depends on market opportunities

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