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Xinlan - China blue news client on September 25 (Zhejiang TV news channel reporter reported) Mr. Zheng, who lives in Zigui apartment in Yuhang green city, Hangzhou, was able to complete the decoration in July this year, but he found that there were many problems in the decoration project of the decoration company

in March this year, Mr. Zheng entrusted a decoration company called Apple in Hangzhou to decorate his new addition. At that time, the contract promised that the decoration project would be completed by July 13 this year. But now, not only has the project not been completed, but careful Mr. Zheng found that there are many problems at home

problem 1: the floor is empty

Mr. Zheng found that there is an obvious sense of emptiness in many parts of the decorated floor when tools are used to beat. This is the so-called empty drum in the decoration. Mr. Zheng found that there are seven or eight empty drums on the floor in the room

problem 2: the wall is convex

Mr. Zheng found that there are many bulging lines on the wall, which are obviously the air left by the poor fitting. This phenomenon occurred on the walls of two rooms

problem 3: the design is unreasonable

the decoration company installed a chandelier in Mr. Zheng's kitchen, but when Mr. Zheng opened the cabinet, the cabinet would collide with the chandelier, which is a bug in the design of the decoration company

problem 4: the door is too close to the ground

when opening the door, I obviously feel a lot of friction, and the floor has been worn by the door. It is obvious that the door is too close to the floor

in fact, these problems all reflect the attitude of the decoration company, which led to the delay of the project for two months and so many problems

how do decoration companies respond to these questions

the responsible person of Hangzhou Apple decoration company told the reporter that they had contacted the on-site construction personnel to deal with these problems found by Mr. Zheng. And Mr. Zheng will be compensated according to the extension time in the contract

Mr. Zheng agrees with the handling suggestions put forward by the decoration company, but hopes to complete the decoration as soon as possible




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