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The static picture and the moving silk thread are given life because of the bird's singing. If you don't sing, you can smell the sound. The song of birds in spring stream embroidered in Qianzhuang gives a sound to this quiet picture, just to give you a busy day, a quiet spring

birds singing in spring streams

the birds singing in mountain streams is like a slow song. Suddenly, a high melody rises, as if the calm water rippled. The spring mountain was silent in the night, and the bright moon was in the sky, which startled the mountain birds who lived there. How bright the moon should be, and even the birds mistakenly thought that day was coming

in this spring mountain, all sounds are intoxicated with the tone and tranquility of the night. Therefore, when the moon rises, bringing bright silver to the valley shrouded in night, it startles the mountain birds. Birds are surprised, of course, because they are used to the silence of the valley. It seems that even the moon rise has new excitement. However, the brightness of the moonlight immediately changed the scene around the valley, which is also conceivable

mountain birds fly out of their nests and sing low in the spring stream. The stream is gurgling and the birds sing in bursts. It's so beautiful and intoxicating. The bright moon shows the tranquility of the mountain, the birds add the flexibility of the spring mountain, and the clear sound of water and the singing of birds set off the silence of the spring mountain. Why can we see this ordinary rich beauty in the spring mountain when the night is not quiet and the pedestrians disperse

"birds chirp in spring stream" is taken from "the moon startles mountain birds, and when it chirps in spring stream." The quiet picture, after hearing this name, can make up the brain of the quiet mountain stream, a bird song, clear and distant, do not hear the sound but the bird song echoes

embroider a landscape with embroidery thread

in spring, the trees in the mountain stream open small flowers

birds chirp on the branches

the mountain stream in early spring is particularly lively

a rejection of the cold winter

flowers bloom and fall, all belong to the sound of nature. Only when the heart is really idle and put down its infatuation with secular thoughts, can the personal spirit be raised to an "empty" realm

leave the disturbance, return home, enjoy a moment of peace, listen to the birds singing in the mountains, ethereal and distant, and clean the disturbance and trouble

the static picture and the moving silk thread are given life because of the bird's singing. If you don't sing, you can smell the sound. Qianzhuang embroidery endows this quiet picture with sound, just for you, a busy day, a quiet spring

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