The 9th Winter Games of yazhixuan doors and window

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Looking forward, looking forward, the 9th Winter Games of yazhixuan doors and windows is finally open

looking forward, looking forward to the ninth Winter Games of yazhixuan doors and windows,

finally opened

at the moment, we are

reaping touching, joy and victory

every participation is a transcendence of ourselves

every moment of struggle is worthy of the youth

secretly tell you a little secret

this year is a sports meeting that will "move"

come and have a look with Xiaobian

step ・ firm

on the straight runway

there are your vigorous footprints

near the end, Will leave you agile figure

all reflect yazhixuan people

high morale and spirited spiritual style

competition ・ enthusiasm

young we are confident and flying

the breath of youth is like the rising sun of birth

vigorous power is like the sprinkling of sunshine

endless sports

the passionate field is the stage of yazhixuan people

carry forward yazhixuan.Xuan spirit releases the youth dream

unity ・ hard work

a baton conveys the spirit of unity

sweat of hard work in competitions

your cries, your cheers,

your encouragement, your cheers,

are the greatest encouragement to athletes

see the athletes' track show their edge at present

youth ・ belief

the way they rush forward is fixed in the camera

their fighting attitude is printed in our hearts

at this moment, whether they win or lose

they are the best themselves

adhere to the belief of reaching the end

it is the pride of sports



you are vigorous!We can see the whole body posture

the cries of one after another Did you hear it?

that's our blessing and applause.

it's your belief not to give up.

it's also our belief.

athletes, fly! Your wings belong to you.

yazhixuan will cheer for you behind you

surpass ・ wonderful

constantly surpass yourself and maintain vitality

this is a place for cheering dreams

this is a place full of youth

compete our brilliance with the passion of youth

compose a love letter for yazhixuan doors and windows

every participation

is a surpassing of oneself

every moment of struggle

youth with negative youth

yazhixuan is young and hot Competition stars

in your eyes ~

unity of mind is their spirit

never give up is their promise

in the competition

they gain not only honor,

it's more about friendship and strength

no matter the result is good or bad

the athletes who fight on the field are the best

the sports meeting is only a short day

but I think we all gained a sense of moving and achievement

maybe some of us will have regrets

but it doesn't matter. At least we have worked hard for it. The most beautiful thing is our time together

the sports meeting! We'll make another appointment next year

yazhixuan people are on the road of pursuing dreams

forge ahead and create brilliance again





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