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1、 Deliberately omitting items, the new cost is borne by himself

the citizen Mr. Qian's home decoration, the construction party originally said that the project cost budget was about 100000 yuan, but at the time of settlement, it took out a list of 160000 yuan, because at the request of Mr. Qian, the decoration materials were all good, so it was overspent than the budget. Mr. Qian was mute and ate Coptis &mdash& mdash; I can't tell you how bitter it is

therefore, in the revision of the home decoration contract, it is specially added that the construction party should do a good job in the project budget in strict accordance with the design drawings and should not intentionally omit items. The construction party intentionally omits items in the project budget quotation, and the increased project cost should be borne by itself. However, if the owner is informed in writing, it is not an intentional omission

second, the water and electricity charges will die during the construction period

last year, Miss Wu, a citizen, decorated her wedding house. After two months of decoration, Miss Wu went to pay the electricity bill, which cost more than 500 yuan. Miss Wu remembered that every time she went to the construction site, she saw that the decorators turned on all the lights that could be turned on at home, even the bath bully in the bathroom, and she heard from her neighbors that the lights at home often kept on all night. Miss Wu really regrets that she didn't make this clear at the same time

the newly revised home decoration contract sets the total amount of water and electricity charges during the decoration period, and clearly writes the starting degrees of water meters and electricity meters into the contract, and the excess part is paid by the construction party

three or two times of maintenance still have problems and need to be replaced

not long after home decoration, the water pipe at home leaked, but the construction party left it alone. The warranty period of the project is agreed in the model text of the home decoration contract, and the warranty period of wood floors, water and electrical pipelines, etc. is agreed by both parties. The minimum warranty period is also indicated in the contract for the owner's reference

what if there is a problem with the water pipe, but the construction party delays in repairing it? The contract states that during the warranty period, the construction party shall send personnel to repair within the specified time after receiving the warranty notice, otherwise, the owner can entrust other units or personnel to repair, and the costs incurred shall be borne by the construction party. If the same problem still fails to meet the quality standard after two repairs, the construction party shall be responsible for replacement. If it cannot be replaced, it shall compensate for the losses

IV. if the pollution exceeds the standard, the construction party will have to pay

the indoor pollution caused by decoration can not be ignored more and more. Therefore, the home decoration contract specifically stipulates that after the completion of the project, both parties can entrust qualified testing institutions to detect the concentration of indoor environmental pollutants, and clearly detect five common pollutants such as radon, free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, etc. If the test result meets the standard, the test fee shall be borne by the owner. If the inspection is unqualified, the inspection fee and treatment fee shall be borne by the construction party




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