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Charging pile construction will be accelerated again

Hebei, Shanghai, Beijing and other provinces and cities have recently made clear the charging facility construction planning and promulgated the charging facility construction and operation subsidy standards. Hebei, Shanghai, Beijing and other provinces and cities have recently clarified the construction planning of charging facilities and promulgated the subsidy standards for the construction and operation of charging facilities. On April 1, the general office of Hebei Provincial People's government issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the province. It was proposed that by the end of the 13th five year plan, 1970 charging stations and 65625 charging piles would be built in Hebei Province. According to the special planning of Shanghai electric vehicle charging infrastructure, by 2020, the city will have more than 210000 charging piles, about 10 times that of 2015, basically meeting the charging service demand of 260000 new energy vehicles

in this regard, analysts pointed out that the construction of charging piles in China lags far behind the promotion of new energy vehicles, and has the characteristics of unbalanced regional distribution, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of new energy vehicles. Since 2016, the construction of charging piles has accelerated significantly. In the second quarter of this year, the construction of charging piles will be accelerated again, and the charging pile equipment and EPC general contractor will benefit the most. In the long run, the listed companies related to charging piles will encounter huge development opportunities under the conditions of the national policy becoming clearer, the business model mature, the number of new energy vehicles increased, and the charging value-added services can be expanded to trillion yuan

according to the data, by 2015, 3600 charging and replacement power stations and 49000 public charging piles had been built nationwide, an increase of 18000 compared with 2014, with a year-on-year growth rate of 58%. CICC predicts that by 2016, there will be 100000 new public charging piles in China, and the investment scale of the entire charging industry will increase by more than four times over the same period last year. However, this is far from the national planning goal of 12000 centralized charging and exchange power stations and 4.8 million decentralized charging piles in 2020, which also means that the industry has broad development space in the future. In this regard, insiders also said that the top-level design scheme of the 2015 electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction plan has determined the guiding principle of charging pile advance planning and pile station advance. This policy will guide the charging pile industry into a high-speed growth period. The fourth quarter of 2015 is the policy year of charging pile, and it is expected that the charging equipment will usher in a truly accelerated construction year in 2016

in terms of investment strategy, Zhongtai Securities said that it is suggested to seize investment opportunities from the following five paths and share the feast to be opened. 1. enterprises with core technologies, transforming from power operation power supply, ups and HVDC to charging pile, power modules and systems, whose products are self-produced and have high gross profit margin, strongly recommend Zhongheng electric (002364, buy), kestar (002518, buy), and pay attention to yishite (300376, buy), Keda intelligence (300222, buy), altex (002227, buy), etc. 2. enterprises with large flexibility, small market value and regional advantages can not win the bid in China, but can indirectly participate in the domestic industry chain or win the bidding of some local governments. However, the high-speed export growth for many years has led to increasingly fierce trade friction. Key recommendations are Heshun electric (300141, buy) and Tonghe Technology (300491, buy). 3. state owned enterprise background. It has resource advantages for the construction and operation of charging piles. It will play the role of Pathfinder in the early stage of industry development. It mainly recommends Guodian Nari (600406, buy) and XJ electric (000400, buy), and pays attention to Shanghai Putian (600680 can meet the needs of operators, buy). 4. the enterprises that have laid out charging pile operation earlier mainly include tride (300001, buy), Wanma shares (002276, buy), etc. tride is the only private enterprise in the market that participates in bus operation. 5. it has channel advantages and is active in the market as a distributor and agent. Its targets include Zhongneng electric (300062, buy), zhongyeda (002441, buy), etc

in terms of market performance, since March, as of last Friday, 18 of the 28 charging pile concept stocks have outperformed the market (up 11.96% during the Shanghai Stock Index), indicating the extremely high investment enthusiasm of the sector. Among them, Tonghe technology, Kehua Hengsheng (002335, buy), kestar, yishite, Zhongheng electric and other stocks increased by more than 30% during the period, showing eye-catching performance. The cumulative increases during the period were 37.11%, 35.97%, 33.43%, 33.11% and 31.72% respectively. In addition, like many technical breakthroughs in the past, Kelu Electronics (002121, buy), wal nuclear materials (002130, buy), Zhongding shares (000887, buy), Caihong Jinghua (002256, buy), tride Nanyang shares (002212, buy) and Jiuzhou electric (300040, buy positioning is leading in China and top in the world) also increased by more than 20% during the period, which is worthy of attention

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