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The construction of national context in commercial packaging

"national is the world". I have always felt that the concept that can be felt from many articles is very reasonable. In particular, an accidental incident made me have a deeper understanding of the connotation of this sentence. After a few years of work, Mr. kangchalianke, the former dean of Vladivostok Art Institute, came to Shandong to give lectures. He took a copy of Dunhuang murals just found in the Department Reference Room and excitedly called me over. Through translation, I understood what he wanted to express. He was deeply shocked by the powerful artistic expression of Dunhuang murals. Moreover, what shocked and awed him more was the spiritual charm of the traditional Chinese culture embodied in his works

I. packaging is not only the product of business

the definition of packaging in many books is the behavioral representation of business activities

there are many factors contributing to this phenomenon. The main reason is that in the current packaging design, in order to cater to the current "fashion" consumption phenomenon, packaging designers accept and learn from a large number of foreign packaging forms and packaging concepts, and blindly advocate the western design style in packaging design, resulting in the traces of this design idea everywhere on the shelves of shopping malls, supermarkets or convenience stores, The aesthetic creation of the visual art language form of commercial packaging has been engulfed by the powerful "western style" style that can only be used as a qualification project

however, with the increasingly rational and mature consumption concept of the masses, this single form of packaging language has increasingly made consumers dissatisfied. People began to put forward higher requirements for the design of commodity packaging; Begin to pursue self consumption habits; Begin to pursue individualization and localization of packaging design; Began to seek to highlight the cultural and aesthetic interests in commodity packaging. All these urgently need a mature commercial packaging environment suitable for its development, and a commercial packaging design culture with local characteristics and high design level. It is not enough to generalize the concept of commercial packaging simply by aesthetic feeling, function and economy. Because some phenomena are temporary after all, in the future, consumers will not only pay attention to fancy color surfaces, various packaging methods, the application of different combinations and materials, but also pay more attention to whether the packaging appearance image needs to design new fixture affinity and whether their own emotions are respected

in short, it depends on whether the packaging of commodities can reflect the consumption culture and aesthetic taste of a country or nation when meeting people's material needs

II. Culture is the premise for the maturity of commercial packaging

packaging is not only the art of Commerce, but also the art of national culture

today, due to the acceleration of the international market process, modern commercial packaging needs to achieve a wider range of language communication in terms of market recognition. It is to make the visual readability of commodity packaging reach the international level as far as possible, and have the ability of global recognition in formal expression. Naturally, the performance style of commercial packaging has become a subject that can not be ignored. This is not only an opportunity for Chinese packaging to go global, but also an arduous challenge that will be faced. However, Chinese packaging designers should have a clear understanding, because in some aspects, economic globalization should be understood as cultural diversity. In order to open the gap between all commodities in the increasingly homogeneous market, it is necessary to have their own unique personality expression, that is, when designing commercial packaging, designers should not only go deep into life, pay attention to the grasp of fashion, human feelings, humanity and consumption concept, but also study and learn Chinese excellent traditional culture while absorbing the essence of western design, By integrating the cultural elements with the pure form creation produced by the aesthetic skill expression, we can create an order structure that is not only in line with the artistic law, but also in line with the strong self-consciousness of the majority of consumers' aesthetic needs, which can also be summarized as both pleasing to the heart and the eyes. Therefore, any appearance in the commercial packaging and the advantages of our testing machine equipment can not give up the original strong aesthetic elements simply for the sake of globalization. It should reflect the pursuit of creation with profound cultural aesthetic connotation and its inseparable national cultural background, and reflect the inseparable relationship between commercial packaging as a popular art and regions, nations, traditions and environment. The unique expressive force of the art form of commercial packaging will be unique only if we constantly reflect and summarize our traditional culture, constantly align it with the regional culture, take the national culture as the basis and driving force of packaging design art, and take it as the true reflection, reproduction and representation of people's life. It can be said that some of the characteristics of commercial packaging, whether from the form or content, the artistic language form expressed is a kind of watch on the cultural personality. Because a diverse world is the origin of art, which can better meet the needs of human nature among cultures and make our world rich and colorful

From the perspective of the development of commercial packaging, good commercial packaging is not only a commodity concept, but also should have some social and cultural attributes. They embody the essence of art and culture, take the national cultural aesthetic trend and requirements as the fundamental starting point, absorb the internal factors that adapt to the national culture, communicate and penetrate each other, It has a distinct sense of the times. Therefore, in a sense, national culture is the fertile land of commercial packaging art. No matter how the packaging technology, skills, materials and processes change or how modern they are, they can not be detached from their own unique cultural connotation

first of all, China's excellent traditional culture itself is a very rich source of design. It has the most valuable cultural achievements in the world, and has a wealth of wisdom crystals deposited for thousands of years. As a form of inheritance of national culture, commercial packaging can fully integrate the spiritual elements with modern people's life, environment and market through the absorption of "sublation", From the perspective and law of modern market operation, let the practical activities of commercial packaging in the circulation market penetrate into this cultural system

secondly, starting from the local environment, we collect the customs and living habits that reflect different national cultures, and apply the visual image language with unique humanistic personality to the formal representation of commercial packaging design, which is also an effective way to learn from and convey national culture. Because different national cultures and living environments will have different understandings and views on nature, different national cultural activities also determine the spiritual temperament and aesthetic needs of different people, that is, the national culture and national personality we often mention. It is through this unique aesthetic temperament and representation that the diversity of packaging art is reflected and presents eternal charm. At the same time, it also reflects the individual performance of designers under the influence of different cultural backgrounds to varying degrees

in addition, inheriting and carrying forward the traditional packaging culture of all ethnic groups in China is also the only way for modern commercial packaging design to mature. As we all know, China's traditional packaging culture is rich and colorful, with profound deposits, presenting a form of expression with beautiful style, unique shape, distinctive decorative style and strong regional characteristics. We should scientifically analyze and think about these valuable cultural heritages from the perspective of modern design thinking, and examine the traditional cultural values from the height of modern commercial packaging standing in the forest of world packaging culture

furthermore, to improve the overall artistic level of modern commercial packaging, while maintaining attention and experience, we should integrate the continuous transcendence of traditional national culture and the essence of modern design, break the shackles of simple functionalism, pay more attention to people's emotional changes in consumer life, reveal the contradictions and opposites of reality through formal survival and humanized thinking, and explore the laws and expression methods combined with modern social culture, Make the packaging design language full of personality combine with the psychological and emotional needs of consumers, so as to better enhance the essence of national cultural spirit and realize the internal development needs of modern commercial packaging

finally, we should pay attention to the important role of high-tech in reflecting the closeness to nature, humanistic care and national culture in commercial packaging. Because the infinite creativity and the realization of the conception of modern commercial packaging design are based on the guarantee of new materials and new technologies. The use of high technology in modern commercial packaging can enable us to make full use of this magical means of expression to indulge the imagination of designers, and can effectively combine the traditional national cultural aesthetics with modern manufacturing technology in commercial packaging

in a word, in modern commercial packaging, if the integration and innovation of traditional national culture are lost, the permanence of the artistic aesthetic value of the whole commercial packaging and the market effect of commodities will be impossible, and the establishment of the international competitiveness and status of China's commercial packaging will be in the distant future. Therefore, to correctly understand and deal with the relationship between national culture and market commonness in commercial packaging, so that modern commercial packaging can be deeply rooted in the fertile soil of national culture. Third, to explore the new packaging visual language and personality style in the modern sense has become an urgent research topic

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