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The construction of Nanjing traffic signal intelligent control system has been started.

the construction of Nanjing traffic signal intelligent control system, the first large-scale intelligent traffic in China, has been started. At the latest, at the beginning of December this year, traffic lights at 95 intersections in the main urban area of Nanjing will be equipped with "intelligent eyes". At that time, the traffic light time will no longer be fixed. As long as the car passes through, the red light will jump to zero in advance and become a green light. It is reported that after the system is initially considered to be completed by insurance companies, material manufacturers and material users, the traffic time in Nanjing during morning and evening peak is expected to be reduced by 18% to 26% respectively

the "smart eye" will automatically adjust the signal light

it is understood that the "smart eye" system has recently started construction at many intersections in Gulou and Baixia District. An induction coil for detecting traffic flow is installed underground, a camera for image recognition is installed at the intersection, and then a microwave detector the size of A4 paper is installed. A set of "smart eyes" is completed

The temperature fluctuation shall not be greater than 2 ℃/h

"These detection devices are an all-round traffic flow monitoring system, which will collect data four times per second and automatically send it back to the control center of the Traffic Management Bureau. Through calculation, they can judge the traffic flow at the intersection and automatically adjust the length of traffic lights at the intersection." Luoxueen, vice president of Lop Co., Ltd., which is controlled by the 14th Research Institute of China Power Group, who is in charge of this project, said that with this system, in case of traffic jam at the upstream intersection, the downstream intersection will turn on more green lights at the first time. The flow of the evacuation vehicle 1 must be measured according to the safety operation specifications in the instrument manual, and the information will be released in real time through the traffic evacuation signs on the road after being summarized in the control center

how to "time" the red light to ask citizens to vote

with the "smart eye", the red light waiting time is not long, but for citizens who are used to waiting for the red light countdown at the intersection, it may make them not used to it

"at present, we have come up with three schemes. One is to make the red light go faster, that is, to make the original 20 second red light complete in 10 seconds; the other is not to read the second, but to flash the light; the last and most reasonable one is to stop counting down, and the red light stays on until the last 10 seconds." Luoxueen said that in the pilot phase starting in December, the three schemes will be implemented in stages, and then the best scheme will be selected according to the public satisfaction

the bus will be a green light all the way

it is understood that in addition to controlling the traffic lights at intersections, the new system will also meet the traffic needs of special vehicles at special times. Luoxueen said that after the new system runs, as long as the VIP on-board equipment is installed on the special vehicle, the intelligent eye at the intersection will automatically identify it and give it a green light all the way

"if the bus becomes a VIP on the road, the green light will give the bus more light for a while to ensure that the bus has priority." Luoxueen said that according to the preliminary statistics, once this scheme is implemented, the driving time for the public swing bar to forbid the vertical mark delivery will be reduced by more than 10%

it is understood that at the beginning of December this year, traffic lights at 95 intersections in the north to Xinfan Road, east to Taiping South Road, South to Zhujiang Road and west to Huju North Road will be transformed to realize intelligent control

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