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The construction of Hohhot Zhangjiakou passenger dedicated line is in full swing, and the construction is progressing smoothly. The construction of the first high-speed railway Hohhot Zhangjiakou passenger dedicated line in Inner Mongolia started in April this year. The author visited the construction site on October 15. The author first came to Hohhot East bullet train station and saw that the main works here have been completed and the workers are conducting equipment installation and commissioning in a tense and orderly manner. Then I came to the construction site of Dongtu village tunnel and Saihantala bridge of Huzhang passenger dedicated line. I saw that the workers and teachers were working in full swing, and the construction of various projects was progressing smoothly

it is understood that the Hohhot Zhangjiakou passenger dedicated railway is the first high-speed railway line in Inner Mongolia, passing through Hohhot, Wulanchabu and Zhangjiakou, with a total investment of 29.597 billion yuan and a total length of 286.8 kilometers, including 211.3 kilometers in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 75.5 kilometers in Hebei Province, with a design speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The traction type is double track electrified traction, and the locomotive type is multiple units, The train operation mode is CTCS-2 train control system. Along the line, there are 5 stations in Hohhot East, Yingnan, Zhuozi East, Wulanchabu and Xinghe North in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and 1 station in Huai'an in Hebei Province. The construction period is 4 years

according to the relevant person in charge of Hohhot Railway Bureau, in order to enter the "high-speed railway era" as soon as possible, Hohhot Railway Bureau has carried out speed-up transformation on the lines in the pipeline in advance, and actively created conditions for the operation of multiple units in Hohhot Baotou Hubei economic circle. According to Li Zheng, the engineering director of the headquarters of the Hohhot Zhangjiakou passenger dedicated line, the Hohhot Zhangjiakou passenger dedicated line under construction is densely populated, there are many interchange projects in the city, many roads along the line need to be relocated, and many of them involve the construction of adjacent existing lines and the reconstruction of existing lines, so the construction is difficult. Therefore, new technologies and methods such as concrete continuous beam, tied arch crossing and swivel construction will be adopted in the construction process to ensure the completion of special structure construction

after the completion of the whole Hohhot Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos and other R & D, inspection and testing institutions should carry out corresponding strict safety tests on battery products. The whole journey time between Beijing is expected to be shortened to 2-3 hours, which plays an important role in strengthening the economic ties between the "Hohhot Baotou Hubei Economic Circle" in Inner Mongolia and the "best bike sharing" in Beijing. It is estimated that by 2020, the passenger dedicated line will send 19.2 million passengers

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