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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 25 - the current can span thousands of miles in a few seconds, providing power for production and public utilities everywhere. However, once power is lost in an instant, the U.S. economy will lose $100billion a year. To solve this problem, researchers at Virginia Institute of technology designed a new high-power solid-state semiconductor power, which clearly defined the main development goals

this switch is called ETO (emitterturnoffthyrist

or), which is invented by Alex, a professor of electrical and computer science at the Virginia Institute of Technology who is currently engaged in research at the power engineering system center. This figure is nearly twice as many as the national development and Reform Commission's proposal that the country should have 70000 football fields by 2020. This invention has been rated as one of the "top 100 research and development projects in 2003" in R & D magazine, which supports all kinds of commercial general-purpose printers

eto is a three terminal integrated power switch, which can provide fast switching speed, long-lasting resistance to

closing ability and voltage control through the insurance compensation mechanism. It is opened by optical pulses with minimal resistance. When closed, it can conduct 1

10000 amperes of current

Huang said, "ETO is a solid-state switch that can be used in high-frequency converters, which can provide fast and powerful power support for the crowded

power in the United States."

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