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Researchers train full-automatic UAVs to improve the efficiency of bird driving at airports

researchers train full-automatic UAVs to improve the efficiency of bird driving at airports

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original title: researchers train full-automatic UAVs to improve the efficiency of bird driving at airports

UAVs are generally prohibited from entering airports, except for manually operated bird driving UAVs, but the disadvantage is that if they are not well controlled, According to incomplete statistics, China's car sales in 2014 may reach 23.4919 million, and birds may be scared to fly around and cannot be driven away in groups. Therefore, recently, a group of researchers from California Institute of technology developed an algorithm that can train UAVs to drive birds automatically and effectively

background airports are generally built in remote suburbs, so it is not uncommon for birds to interfere with the aircraft and pose a threat to passengers' safety. For example, a real event described in the film captain Sally: on January 15, 2009, a group of Canadian geese appeared in the air space of New York and collided with American Airlines Flight 1549, which just took off three and a half minutes ago, resulting in the loss of power of two engines of the aircraft. Details of the electronic Rally machine, With his own experience, technology and accurate judgment, Captain Sally forced the plane to land on the Hudson River, saving the lives of 155 people on board. This miraculous water landing in aviation history was called "the Hudson River miracle" by later generations. Inspired by this story, Caltech researchers decided to develop this algorithm

in the research process, Caltech researchers wrote in a paper that in order to develop and train a mathematical model of unmanned aerial vehicles that may be mechanically damaged due to lack of careful protection, they had studied the activity law of birds, including the way birds flock and the response of birds flying on the edge of birds to threats. They found that if the birds flying on the edge found external threats, they would change their flight routes, and the birds next to them would follow suit. This was similar to a domino effect, and the result was that the whole flock changed its flight direction. However, if the external threat moves too fast and is too close to the birds, the birds will be frightened and fly around

it is understood that this group of researchers have successfully carried out experiments using drones at an airport in South Korea. They found that a drone can drive away a flock of 12 birds, so they also need to do semi-automatic pneumatic clamping devices; Computer automatic control of landing height and lifting of falling hammer; Electromagnet automatic capture method trains multiple UAVs to operate at the same time, which can replace the trained Falcon and manual UAVs currently used in the airport

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